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The Top Pros and Cons of Starting an Insurance Business

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If you’re thinking of starting an insurance business, there’s no better time than now. An incredibly profitable and lucrative industry with most sectors (such as life insurance) worth billions of dollars, it will always be needed globally.

No matter what you’re looking to specialize in, whether it’s life insurance, health insurance or auto insurance, there are so many benefits that you can reap from it. But there are also some cons that you might want to consider before starting your insurance business – to confirm that it’s the right path for you:


1. There’s a Big Pool of Clients

One of the best things about starting an insurance business is that there are numerous leads available to you – both nationally and internationally. Customers will always need insurance, so along with a website for your business, you could also advertise your insurance through various other funnels, such as a comparison website.

This will open up more doors for your business, and allow you to achieve higher profits by constantly acquiring new customers.

2. It’s a Rewarding Profession

No matter if you offer one type of insurance or a variety, you can know that you’re offering a very useful and invaluable service for your customers. A level of protection that many people seek at one point or another in their life, you can give them the peace of mind that they are taken care of if anything happens.

3. It’s a Fast-Paced Industry

Another big benefit that comes with starting an insurance business is that every day is different. Because of the ever-evolving and ever-growing nature of the industry, your employees are more likely to stay motivated within their roles.

4. Relatively Low Startup Costs

One of the key things that all businesses have to do from the get-go is the budget for their start-up and operational costs. When it comes to entering the insurance industry, you can be rest assured that you won’t have a lot of upfront costs.

Of course, if you’re opting to start the business from an office premise, you’ll have to take into account the cost of the building, along with equipment and signage. But if you’re starting the business from home, you won’t have to worry about these costs.

You can also utilize software that increases efficiency and productivity, as well as bringing down your outgoings, such as agent management software and an insurance underwriting platform.


1. It’s a Competitive Industry

One thing to keep in mind when starting an insurance business is that the industry is incredibly competitive. Because of this, you might find it challenging to discover ways in which you can stand out from your competitors – and not have the initial capital to invest in doing this.

If you opt to promote your services through a comparison site, you could also find that customers are opting for your competitor’s services – which is why it’s vital to follow a pricing strategy and to make your business seem extraordinary.

2. The Industry Legislation

It’s also vital to note the potential barriers that might stand in your way. From changes in the economy to ensuring that you maintain your license and acquire business insurance. In many states, you’ll have to complete training regularly in order to keep your insurance license. This includes Continuing Education and ethics training.

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