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Essential Items Needed To Run a Hairdressing Service

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A few essential items needed to run a hairdressing service include dryers, bowls, chairs, a sanitation station, and high quality products, like Kintsugi Hair Scalp Tonic. Don’t forget to purchase a lot of mirrors, tooβ€”vanity is the name of your game. These items will ensure that you have the basics needed to open your doors and start welcoming people inside.

Sanitation Station

Having a sanitation station in your salon is essential. First, you need to have a clean salon and materials. A clean salon will attract walk-in customers. The sanitation stations can be at each booth, or you can have them in a corner accessible for everyone. Sanitizing your equipment is vital to prevent the spread of disease from clients. Additionally, they’ll feel reassured seeing you and your stylists pull out fresh materials to service them!


Finding which salon chair is best for your shop will ensure that your clients are comfortable and that your shop is stylish and has a little bit of uniformity. You’ll need chairs for booths, dryers, shampoo, and a manicure and pedicure station if you offer such a service. Having comfortable, accessible chairs, and don’t forget to order your mats that go under your station chairs when placing your order.

Shampoo Bowls

Having the proper amount of shampoo bowls per booth is essential. You don’t want people idling when their hair is being permed, colored, or bleached. A good rule of thumb is to have a shampoo bowl for every three stylists. When planning your salon’s layout, be sure to incorporate shelving or cabinets to keep things onβ€”there’s nothing more visually unappealing and unsafe than a crowded shampoo area.


When purchasing hair dryers, you must consider what settings they have, if the chair fits all sizes, and the number of free walls sockets. You can purchase traditional sit-under dryers or just the hood of the dryer that comes with a stand for flexibility in movement. Ensure that each dryer has its electric panel and is energy efficient.

Additional Service

Offering additional services is a semi-essential need to run a hairdressing service. Why? Because some people want to come into the salon just for the community.

Additional services you can offer are having a make-up artist, estheticians, and waxer. You never know who may come into your shop during its soft opening. Be sure to network and learn other industry essentials that will keep you up to date.

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