What Every Restaurant Needs for Fire Safety

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Unattended stovetops, loose cooking oils, tight quartersโ€”thereโ€™s a lot to a restaurant kitchen that makes it highly vulnerable to a fire. Equip your business with the supplies it needs to stay safe. Read on to discover what every restaurant needs for fire safety.

Automatic Fire-Suppression System

Most restaurant fires involve cooking equipment and appliances. An automatic fire-suppression system helps maintain fires, as it releases fire-suppressant chemicals and shuts down fuel and electric supplies to other kitchen equipment.

An automatic fire-suppression system enables restaurant owners and staff to combat a blaze while awaiting the arrival of firefighters. Because itโ€™s critical to limiting a fireโ€™s expansion, an automatic fire-suppression system is what every restaurant needs for fire safety.

Class K Fire Extinguishers

Class K fires are those that occur due to kitchen mishaps. These fires often result from flammable grease, fats, and oils getting too hot or making contact with an open flame. Class K fire extinguishers are portable and you should use them following the activation of a suppression system.

Routine Fire Prevention Training and Inspection

Some of the most critical aspects of fire safety are proper knowledge and preparedness. You should inform your entire staff about fire prevention and hazards. You can enlist the help of the local fire department to relay fire safety tips, such as how to utilize fire extinguishing equipment correctly. Formulate a plan with staff, so everyone knows the right course of action if a fire occurs.

Routine inspection is necessary to ensure your restaurant is as fireproof as possible. Just like health inspections, fire inspections verify that your business is functioning as safely as it can for you, your staff, and your customersโ€™ sake. Schedule regular electrical maintenance checkups with professionals to cover any electrical fire hazards as well.

When it comes to workplace safety, thereโ€™s no such thing as being too prepared. With the right tools and knowledge, you and your staff can diminish a fireโ€™s intensity, spread, and damage.

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