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How Face-to-Face Contact Can Transform Your Marketing

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There’s nothing like the power of a personal impact. It can be just the clincher you need to secure business, especially in a day and age where our interactions are increasingly digital. In fact, meeting potential customers face to face is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. Whether it’s attending an exhibition in the sector, finding a local networking event, giving a keynote speech or venturing out of your office to spread the word, in-personal sales can transform what you do. Here’s why a face-to-face strand should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy this year…

Build Trust

Customers having trust in us is such an important part of the sales process. We need them to understand and believe in our message – and there is no better way to do that than face to face contract. The old truism is ‘people buy from people’, and that still holds true. Giving them the chance to meet a representative can make all the difference – if someone can look them in the eye, answer their questions straight away and instil confidence in what your business does, it creates that essential trust. It’s vital to make sure that you have well trained, knowledgeable staff who have a genuine interest in people and represent what you do well. You’ll also want to ensure consistency of your branding elements and marketing materials – working with a specialist in exhibition stands like can be really helpful to make sure you get it right – after all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Create Customer Understanding

While making sales is ultimately the point of arranging customer facing events, there is a lot more to gain from them. You also have a unique opportunity to understand customer needs in their own words. Events are an unmissable opportunity to gain customer feedback on what you do, test out a new concept or product and hear what people want. Don’t miss the chance to use this valuable feedback to shape what you do – this will help ensure you’re aligned with market demand. It’s also a really cost effective way to market to lots of customers at once!

Give Your Productivity A Boost

If you think about the amount of admin work it takes to launch a customer feedback programme online versus collecting comments in person, or communicating through email rather than popping in to see a client, it becomes clear that in-person interaction can also really help your business to be more productive. Life in business is busy and sometimes it feels impossible to spend the time required to leave the office – but when you’re face to face, you have your client’s undivided attention in a way you never do on email. This means you can deliver your message quickly and effectively and troubleshoot any objections then and there. Quality communication wins out over quantity every time.

Secure Repeat Business

The holy grail for any company is to get returning business – there is obviously a much lower acquisition cost and generally a higher order value with those who already know and enjoy what you do. Giving the personal touch with face to face contact can really help you to craft a value proposition which appeals and show your appreciation for their business. Creating this good feeling is key to turning casual customers into advocates for what you do – who will then in turn provide valuable word of mouth buzz to their own contacts and spread the word even further.

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