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From Starting A New Venture To Closing The First Sale

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venture1  Once you have planned and carefully drafted your ideas for your new venture, you need to take it online and sell it. It is very important to have a website name that is short and easy to remember.

Domain name

If you are looking for a catchy domain name for your new website then go to Lean domain search and it would help you find your perfect website name for FREE!

Once your website is ready here is a tip to convert your website visitors into leads.

venture2  Opt in page for more subscribers

Whether you have a product or a service to sell, you need new clients to pitch. We want to gather the information of our website visitors who are interested and add them to our sales funnel. LeadPages.Net provides a variety of easy to edit opt in pages which you may embed on your website to get opt in subscribers or registrants. It starts at just $37 a month and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Click here to watch a video

You might be investing in social media, SEO, SEM, content and blogs to get more traffic on your website but how can we ensure that the traffic generated by our marketing efforts is getting converted into leads realtime?

venture31  Webchat

Investing on PPC is expensive and very competitive. We need to keep a check which campaigns get us the maximum number of qualified traffic and what needs to be improved. We need to keep a close eye on every visitor that comes on our website. What landing pages they are on? Did they come from organic or PPC search? How many unique visitors came on our website today? And most importantly sending them a proactive chat message and start a conversation. Engaging the website visitors in chat would convert them into a hot sales lead real-time. Having a Webchat is like a surveillance camera on your Website. Here is a video about Zopim Webchat

You have the leads now but we want to schedule a meeting with them to show how your product or service could benefit them.

venture3  Appointment Setting

Do you remember spending time on scheduling an appointment? Sending the alternate dates and time to your client in different time zones? There is a much efficient way of doing this. offers an online scheduling software that syncs with your calendar. Now you just have to give your timetrade link to your client and he can himself book a meeting with you in few seconds. Use your timetrade link on your social webpage,on your business card or on your website. It is for just $49 a year! Here is how you can use it

You got the perfect opportunity to speak to your prospect and now it is the time sell and impress your client with your amazing offer.

venture5-300x145  Online Demo

Phone conversations could be boring at times but if take an extra step and present our product or service through an online demo and show a live tour, realtime data, presentation or videos then it really builds the credibility and keeps your customer engaged. Your customer would have clear understanding of what your product and service could for them. The lead that is generated from all your marketing efforts needs the best sales pitch you have. Online demo makes it very professional and helps in closing the sale on the call. We recommend

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