Gary Vaynerchuk's Weekly Wrap-Up (1/30/15)

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snapchat-icon  For this segment of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up, we’re going to begin with Gary’s article โ€œ5 Snapchat Hacks That Are Too Easy For You To Ignoreโ€. Gary states that he’s โ€œhotโ€ n this platform right now and that you should be too because it’s a huge deal and offers many amazing opportunities for businesses, marketers, brands and individuals. He reminds people that before starting, it’s important to switch on the โ€œfiltersโ€ and other fun stuff in your settings. The first Snapchat hack Gary shares is one that helps you make emojis huge. To do this, once you’ve taken your snap, type in an emoji like you normally would but then tap the big T button in the top corner. You can then drag the emoji to anyplace on the ย screen.

One of our favorite Snapchat hacks Gary shares is one that lets you replay snaps. Gary explains that you can only reply a snap once per day. To do this, you first must enable replay in your settings. Then to replay, tap the snap and a bubble will pop up asking you if you want to replay โ€“ just answer yes. He says to choose your replays carefully because the person will get a notification telling them you replayed it.

In his article โ€œYour Weaknesses Don’t Bother Meโ€ Gary says that he is a big believer in betting on strengths rather focusing on weaknesses. In fact, he says he struggles to think of weaknesses for his team, staff and the people he works closely with because he’s too focused on what they are doing great at. Gary goes on to say that betting on strengths may very well be the most under-rated strategy in modern business. Why? Because the business world is obsessed with improvement. Gary states that he doesn’t care at all about weaknesses in others and suggests that others do the same in the office, at work and on your teams.

In his video entitled โ€œThe Most Important Thing My Dad Taught Me About Businessโ€ Gary was asked by a Twitter follower what the most important thing his father taught him about business. Gary responded by saying his father taught him many things, some of which he chose to use and others he chose to push aside. He said that without question, the most important thing his dad taught him was โ€œYour word is your bondโ€. In other words, when you make a promise to someone, you stick to it no matter what. Because of this lesson, Gary says he’s been able to both build and maintain his relationships.

In the video โ€œTwitter is the Cocktail Party of the Internetโ€, Gary says that by design, Twitter is unique from other social networks that are content-push platforms as Twitter is โ€œopenโ€. ย He calls Twitter the cocktail party of the internet because the platform gives people the permission to jump into conversations and (hopefully) provide value to those involved. Gary said that when Twitter first came out, he spent hours and hours each day searching for wine conversations to join and that he jumped into every single public tweet so he could reply and add value.

In the video โ€œ#AskGaryVee Episode 63: Winter Storm Juno & Viral Marketing on No Budgetโ€ Gary answers the question โ€œHow do you become viral with no cash?โ€. Gary says that social media has put us in an interesting space. He continued by saying that if you can leverage the social โ€œinfluenceโ€ of one person who has had a great experience with your business, you could be well on your way to surpassing the attention that any paid budget would get you. BUT, Gary states that you need to first make sure you actually have a good product to sell. His example was a small time restaurant that has great food. The owner of that eatery only needs one person on Instagram or Twitter to talk up the restaurant because they loved what it offers.

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