Grouchy? Needy? Invisible? What Type of Leader are You?

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leader Every new business owner has to find his or her workplace identity in order to show he/she is a good leader. There are all types of leaders out there ranging from the grouchy boss to the manager people hardly ever see. Here is a look at some of the different types of leaders there are. Maybe you’ll have a flashback to an old boss you once had or perhaps you’ll see yourself in one of the following. If you do find one of these personality types to be very much like yourself, it’s a good idea to change as most of these personalities are very difficult to work with.

The ‘Never Take Time Off” Boss

This type of leader never takes time off as he or she is “on” 24/7/365. This type of person doesn’t even know what the word “vacation” means because they’re fully engrossed in their work regardless of the weather or how they feel. This type of boss sets very high expectations for their staff and doesn’t cut much slack when it comes to being late or taking time off. This type of leader tends to be difficult to work with day in and day out because he or she simply never shuts down or stops.

The Needy Boss

This type of leader tends to seek out attention from anyone and everyone possible. He or she craves praise and will stop at nothing to get it. While establishing some type of friendship with staff is important for any boss to do, those friendships should have boundaries. Nobody likes working for a needy boss who is always looking for attention and praise. If you see yourself as this type of leader, it’s advisable to tone things down considerably otherwise you’re bound to lose some good staff due to you being unbearable to be around.

The Invisible Boss

This type of leader tends to be missing in action a lot. Maybe he or she chooses to work from home or would rather sneak into the office at night or weekends to work alone. When the invisible boss does show up, it’s common for him or her to try to take credit for the work done by others before scampering for the door once again. Most people who work with this type of boss would prefer their leader to stay hidden as they don’t contribute much towards making the workplace environment more pleasant.

The Stressed Out Boss

The stressed out boss is a bundle of nerves no matter how smoothly things may be running. This type of leader does a whole lot of nothing as he or she darts from one place to another trying to complete tasks. The stressed out boss tends to over-react and panic often which then rubs off on those people nearby. If asked, workers who have to put up with stressed bosses surely would say they’d prefer someone else lead them. Some may even say they’d rather work elsewhere due to the high stress levels in the working environment.

The Grouchy Boss

There’s just no pleasing the grouchy boss as nothing is ever done right according to him or her. This is the type of leader who stands over everyone’s shoulder and breathes down their neck – just waiting for the opportunity to criticize. This type of leader does far more harm than good in the workplace environment as worker morale drops as does employee confidence. Plus, other businesses that have to deal with this type of person tend not stay as far away from this person as possible, making B2B deals hard to carry out.

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