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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2/16/15)

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We’ll start off this week’s wrap-up content from Gary Vaynerchuk with his recent video entitled “Why Am I Constantly Posting on Social?”. One of Gary’s Twitter followers said that he noticed that Gary posts the same things on social multiple times and asked if this is a calculated move on his part or just “obnoxious”. Gary responded that everything he does is calculated and said he thinks the person is referring to his activity on Twitter. Gary said that he feels it’s OK to post the same content multiple times on that social channel because that way, one is able to reach different people in different time zones around the world at different times. He did say that he does change his mind about this type of thing regularly because what works now may not work later as the game is always changing, making it important to adjust often.

In his article “So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur” Gary starts by saying that you cannot want to be an entrepreneur because either you are one or you aren’t. He says there are a couple of things that happen when one realizes they’re an entrepreneur. It’s inherent in your personality, your aspirations and your goals and sometimes you cannot control it. He says that until you start doing the work, you are not an entrepreneur and that the best way to  become something is to do something. He also says that you cannot be a true entrepreneur if you have a full time job because in order to be one, you’ve got to get out there and hustle by doing things like finding a mentor and working for free under people who can show you the ropes.

In his video entitled “Do You Need to Be Outgoing to Be An Entrepreneur?”Gary was asked via Twitter if it’s necessary to be an outgoing person in order to be an entrepreneur. Gary answered that it is not necessary to be an extrovert in order to be a successful entrepreneur today because business doesn’t all happen face to face anymore. He said that the present time is really the “glory days” of the introverted entrepreneur because of technology and that there’s never been a better time than now for introverts to become successful entrepreneurs.

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