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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-up (2/23/15)

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To begin this week’s wrap-up of GaryVee’s content, we’re starting with Gary’s article entitled “7 Quotes for Entrepreneurs to Live By” wherein we’ve picked out our favorite quotes Gary has shared with his audience. Gary begins by saying entrepreneurship is hard work and that it’s great to get some solid advice now and then that can help you move forward. He says he hopes these quotes will help because he lives by them every day.

The first quote is “Love the climb”. According to Gary, when you’re an entrepreneur, it’s all about the climb. Gary advises to stop wondering when you’ve made it or if this is your big moment and to instead pay attention to the little steps you’re taking as your life will be happier by doing so.

Another of our favorite quotes Gary offers up in this article is “Use multiple channels to promote yourself”. Gary says that building both awareness and relationships is important and that’s why you need to use as many channels as you can. He says to put out content that is native to the channels you’re using to drive people to your home base.

We also enjoyed the quote “Shut up and listen” wherein Gary says that the best way to be a great leader is to be a great listener instead of talker. What Gary says about this makes a lot of sense as he explains that nobody ever talked a problem into being solved. But when you listen to others, you’ll discover what the issues are and why problems are occurring wherein you’ll be able to solve them because you have all the information you need to do so. Wise words indeed!

In the video “Should You Self-Brand, or Establish a Company Brand?” Gary says that when you’re running a company, it can be difficult to decide whether to run your social media accounts as yourself or as the company you feel you represent just as much. He goes on to say that this is something most everyone struggles with as he did too. His solution is to look at what happens as you evolve and to allow your online presence to evolve with you. Gary thinks that using your own name as the brand is the right thing to do as it will stick with you and provide consistency. But before you can create a personal brand around yourself, you have to put in the work as you simply cannot come out of nowhere and become a brand.

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