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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2/26/15)

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For this installment featuring GaryVee’s content highlights, the article by Gary titled β€œEnough is Enough: When Should You Give Up Your Idea” addresses a question may people will ask at some point or another. Gary says that this is a difficult question with all sorts of caveats and issues, depending upon the person, their background, experiences, etc. But in the end, Gary believes there is just one answer to this question which is to ask yourself the question β€œHow continuous is the pain?”. He goes on to say that many startup founders wonder if they should give up their dream at around the four to six month mark. To him, that is just too early to throw in the towel when you’re trying to build a business around your passion. Gary’s advice to any startup founder who is thinking of giving up between month four and month six to stick with it and live through the bad times. He goes on to say that maybe the answer is more like two or three years if you’re feeling anxiety most of the time. In short, he says to stick with it and unless you’re struggling for 24 straight months, continuing going after your goal as doing what you love is what it’s all about.

In the article/video β€œAre You Working Hard Enough?” Gary answers the question β€œHow do you work 100% for clients and another 100% for your own brand?”. He says the answer is simple: You need to work harder and faster. He says he is exhausted every day but he makes many things happen in the 18 hours he does devote to his work. In addition to working long hours, he says he works as β€œfast as hell” in that time and that he prioritizes what’s important and what’s not. He goes on to say that he used to think he was the biggest workaholic that ever lived but that he did have time to do other things than work. Now he is dramatically faster and is working more hours and that the answer to getting a lot of work done for both yourself and your clients is to work longer, faster, better and stronger.

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