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The Curb Appeal That Brings Clients & Employees Back for More

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You should always let the first impression do all the talking.

As a business, you don’t get a second chance to win potential customers and encourage them to visit your premises. When it comes to physical stores and companies, you are essentially what people see. In other words, your curb appeal is your one chance to make or break the deal.

Unfortunately, too many businesses focus their attention on the office design and decor and can neglect the outdoor side of the company. While it doesn’t mean that you should postpone renovating and redecorating the office, you also need to consider the big picture. Potential customers and talents are unlikely to want to find out more about you if their first impression of your company isn’t positive. As a result, your car park, your facade, and your business front garden play a significant role in the perception of your brand.

Parking Matters

Not every business has a parking lot. However, if you have an area where your customers and employees can park for free, you need to make the most of it. A business that doesn’t maintain amenities is just as bad as a business that doesn’t have a car park. Cracks in the asphalt don’t only affect your reputation; they also put your employees and customers at risk. Cracks can affect tire pressure and suspensions, damaging the vehicle in the process, for instance. If you own the premises, you can get in touch with professional surface management companies, such as Brite Line Asphalt Maintenance, Inc., to arrange for repair. Alternatively, as a tenant, you can ask your landlord to schedule repair work as a cracked surface can lead to injuries and further breakage.

Additionally, more and more businesses show their green side by installing a charging station for electric vehicles in the car park. It can be a neat addition to an urban company.

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Put yourself in the shoes of your employees. Most professionals spend, on average, 8 to 10 hours in the office. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as an employer to introduce break rooms and spaces where your team can recharge their batteries. A kitchen renovation can achieve a lot for the team, but it’s not enough. If your business owns a small outdoor area, it can be hugely beneficial for the team’s morale to bring a landscaping expert on board. Indeed, you can shape the front or back garden as a peaceful and soothing environment that is both pleasant to look at but also to visit. Your employees could take a short break outside to relax, for instance. As a rule of thumb, a business that cares about their surroundings feels more welcoming.

Keep Your Façade in Tip-Top Condition

Take a close look at your façade. Does it look clean? City-based offices are likely to accumulate dust, grime, and stains from the surrounding traffic. The pristine white wall is a lot grayer than it should be! A professional façade cleaner can help you to transform your building and showcase your best side to the world. After all, nobody would trust a business that can’t even look after itself!

Your employees and customers have both complex expectations. As a business, you need to consider your actions, your products, your strategy to keep your target audience engaged and satisfied. But your appearance, and especially your curb appeal, also plays a significant role in how people perceive your brand. You can’t afford to have a poor first impression.

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