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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (3/26/15)

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Agreement-300x156  For our second installment of GaryVee’s weekly wrap-up, we’ll begin with the article “If You’re Trying to ‘Convert’ Your Customer, You’re Doing Something Wrong”. Gary says that he is often asked how to take someone from “maybe” to “yes”. He states that he does not try to win them over and that he in fact, spends zero time trying to convince people to believe what he believes in. He continues by saying that people waste too much good time and energy trying to convert customers when they should be spending that time trying to reaching more people. He says that it’s a waste of time to try to convert the “unconvertable”.

Gary explains that time is your number one asset and that much of it should be spent trying to reach out to a wider base. By doing this, more opportunities will arise for a connection to be made. He says that putting in an extra hour or two each day to go beyond the place you’re already been is well worth it in the end.

In the video “Working in a Family Business”, Gary was asked how he dealt with working in a family business. His answer was “very carefully” and went on to say that he’s on his second family business now and that he is looking forward to working on one with his children. He continues to say that the reason he’s had two successful family businesses has much to do with his parents and the fact that his family allow their love to trump their pride and their competitiveness. Gary says that while working in the family business that his family never lost focus on the fact that they love each other more than they cared about “getting their way”.

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