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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (4/20/15)

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To begin this week’s installment of the best of Gary Vee, we’re going to start out with the article β€œYour Business Card is Pointless” in which Gary was asked whether or not he has a business card. He says that no, he doesn’t and never will because having a business card nowadays makes no sense. He explains that the reason people have business cards is to deliver information but says that smartphones are better as you can email the person on the spot. Gary advises to retire your business card as doing so will make life easier.

Gary was asked via Twitter, which social platform he would use if he had just one choice. His response was he’d use Facebook dark posts. Gary says that he is pissed off that people ask him this question repeatedly and that the answer is always Facebook data. Gary says that Facebook dark posts are ideal to use for putting content that people want in front of them. For those of you who do not know, dark posts are unpublished posts that give you total control over who sees what message you post. Dark posts can be used to cater messaging to certain groups of people and they also can be used to test what content is being the most positively received. Gary says that dark posts offer the best way to sell things, Β get money for charities, raising awareness for causes, etc that any other social platform out there.

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