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Why You Should NOT Disconnect Your Landline

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Over the past decade or so, our methods of communicating with each other have greatly expanded wherein many business owners are now relying on email and online messaging when reaching out to customers, suppliers and others. But are these convenient and popular methods of communication the best choices when it comes to conducting business?

Whether you’re about to launch a new business or are in the process of growing your already-established business, it’s important that you maintain an open channel of communication with your existing & potential customers, your suppliers and the other people & companies you rely on. Here are four compelling reasons to use the telephone when conducting business from afar instead of signing into your email or instant message service.

Telephone Calls are More Personal

Even though email and instant messaging are convenient to use, it’s far more personal to pick up the telephone when communicating with others. When you take the time to call someone over the phone, it clearly demonstrates that you care about customer service and that taking the time to make a call is important to you. Not only does this help establish you as a serious business owner but it also conveys the message that you want to get to know the people you are doing business with. There’s nothing that can replace the humble phone conversation as speaking one-on-one with someone is pleasurable, effective and professional.

The Meaning Behind the Communication Won’t Be Lost

It’s super easy to send the wrong message when communicating with someone via email or instant messaging. But when you’re engaged in a real time, live voice conversation you can deliver your message accurately wherein it is well understood. It’s so easy for misunderstandings to occur when communicating via email or instant message and sometimes the damage done by a simple misunderstanding can be difficult or even impossible to un-do.

A Phone Call Carries More Weight than an Email or Instant Message

Just as formal written letters carry authority and weight, telephone calls generally hold much more weight that an email or instant message. When you conduct business over the phone, it conveys that you are both serious about business and interested in receiving instant feedback from the person you’re speaking with.

Everyone Knows How to Use the Phone

Not everyone knows how to use (or is comfortable with) instant message services or even basic email. The many options and settings available today on these platforms do require a certain degree of knowledge and skill to use. But everybody knows how to use the telephone which means you never have to worry about technical difficulties which can include things like poor connections, faulty software and human error.

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