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Marketing Trends Continue to Awe

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There are so many platforms for marketers to reach their audience through, and according to freelancer.com’s data scientists and their research studying jobs, the trends in the marketing field are still continuing to shift.

The results from their studies are showing trends including the decrease in utilizing Facebook for marketing; the fact that content-related jobs are still one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, such as driving traffic and keeping the consumers involved; and the consistent battle for the reigns between Apple and Android.

Apple/Android Battle Heats Up

Nobody is a stranger to the epic battle that has been going on between Apple and Android. As the two corporations compete for complete control over the mobile market field, studies are showing that the new Apple Watch getting thrown into the ring is definitely causing an uproar in the mobile community. While the numbers are increasing for Apple, the company still trails behind Android.

In fact, Android is still one of the preferred operating systems chosen for connectivity in everyday places including the workplace and home.

Social Media Takes a Hit

The social media bandwagon is finally beginning to slow down. Now that Facebook has begun changing algorithms, marketers are starting to see the negative (-2%) results of this change – and finally realizing that it’s time to start marketing beyond Facebook. This means less social media marketing and more email marketing, etc.

Marketers are also beginning to notice that Twitter is suffering the most, with only a .07% growth, mainly because the social media platform is so easy for individuals to create fake accounts and spam. Pulling itself through the struggle, there is still hope for this social media site with the rumors of a β€˜live streaming’ option, which will allow businesses to live stream events to their followers, which will ultimately be much more engaging to the customers.

Although social media continues to struggle, Pinterest is still hanging by a thread as marketers look for new ways to Β advertise through the site.

Content Marketing Rules the Ring

β€œI told you so,” is being uttered by many loyal content marketers, as studies still show that content marketing is as effective as ever and is still being seeked out by customers all over the world.

Businesses are still doing whatever they can and hiring employees who know how to create engaging and effective copy, including email campaigns, websites and more. The job search is still strong for individuals who know how to properly create visual branding as well.

Though marketing trends can sometimes be hard to predict, freelancer.com is doing what they can to keep marketers in the loop by studying marketing trends, figuring out which direction the trends are headed, and ensuring job opportunities are available for employers and employees.

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