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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (4/23/15)

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The team here at Successful Startup 101 hopes that everyone is having a productive week thus far! For this installment of the best of GaryVee, we’re going to begin with the article β€œHow Important is Failure Really?”. Gary begins by saying that we’ve all probably heard the phrase β€œFail fast and often” which means essentially that you might as well take all the leaps and jumps you can get as it will be worth it in the end because all those failures can lead up to one big achievement. But is this nothing more than hype? Is failing really important?

Gary says that yes, failure is necessary and it will happen if you are truly taking the risks you need to make it. However, the failure has to be quantified he says. In other words, if you fail and cannot recover from it, that’s not a good kind of failure. He suggests putting the failure in context in terms of what could happen next. You could go completely out of business or start over and try harder. He also says you should be considering your legacy in the decisions you make. Think about what you want to be remembered for in terms of your life achievement. Once you figure this out, then make sure that every decision you make leads up to that. To sum things up, Gary says that the more you fail, the less afraid of failure you’ll be and that’s a positive thing.

In the article β€œPersonal Brand or Company Brand: How to Make the Decision” Gary says that when you’re just getting started in social that you may need to decide how to represent yourself on the various platforms. Should you use your own name, your company’s name or maybe a made up name? Gary chose to just stay as GaryVee because when you use your name, it will evolve with you as your business grows. This is why he thinks going with your name as the brand is the right way to go. He also says that you have to put in the work in order to create a personal brand around yourself so get out there and do the work!

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