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Facebook is still the number one platform and many businesses are taking advantage of it, so why shouldn’t you? Businesses cannot only promote their company with a Facebook page and increase exposure, they can also reel in valuable customers. Read on and discover how you can translate those customers into actual sales!

Research Your Fans

People might be following your Facebook page, but are they part of the target group you are trying to reach. Many people start inviting friends and family to their business page in order to create a small following. The only danger to this strategy is that you might end up with people who haven’t got the slightest bit of interest in the product or service you are offering, delivering an unclear image of potential clients.

Researching your followers will be necessary in order to determine how many of them could translate in actual customers. If you have a clear shortage of potential clients, why not join some Facebook groups that have an abundance of your target group?

Anticipate Your Target Group

Knowing your target group is vital to move forward. Your intended target group has a certain lifestyle and Facebook also plays a very specific role in this lifestyle. Researching recent posts of your target group will give you priceless insight in how they think and could give you an edge when selling your product or service.

When you anticipate your target group, you will also have to find the time they are most active. If you do this, you will find the best time to put up your posts, ensuring that they will be read by the people that matter most!

Give Incentive

Sometimes you want to expand your current following and the research you have done earlier will surely help with that. Use the information you found by researching your followers and create good incentives that will lure people to your Facebook page and eventually your business website.

The principle is that your target group is driven by a certain desire, for example luxury, lifestyle or even a certain hobby. Using this desire to increase your following will provide you with customers and give you more exposure in that particular community.

Become an Expert

Experts tend to have a decent following and quite a bit of exposure, so by becoming an expert in your field you will also attract more following. Becoming an expert can certainly have a big impact if used locally, for example if you are a computer engineer looking for a new client. Ensure that your contact number is clearly displayed on your Facebook page. If you do this you might get business from your Facebook page directly.

Connect With Heroes and Influencers

Every target group has a certain hero or influencer, so connecting with them or relating communities can also grow your following. You might be following someone else, but by doing so you are also networking on a worldwide level. People that belong to your target group will also be reading your posts and try to connect with you if they find you have something of value to say.

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