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Getting Through a Tough Christmas

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Christmas is a time usually filled with joy and celebration and many of us wait all year for this festive season to enjoy time with the ones we love.

However, this year is likely to be different for several reasons. First of all, the global pandemic has impacted everyone on the planet and sadly a lot of us have lost loved ones. And weโ€™ve also been hit hard financially which can of course damage our prospects of a big celebration.

But Christmas is still a time of year to come together and overcome, and today we want to help you get through what could be a more difficult Christmas than most.

Dinner on a Budget

You absolutely donโ€™t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a Christmas dinner for your family if you are struggling financially. The best tip we have is to buy turkey breasts separately rather than a whole crown or to switch to beef or chicken for a lost cost effective meal. Donโ€™t worry too much about the fixings and try to make what you can from scratch such as pigs in blankets from sausages and bacon instead of the packet ones that are more costly. Make sure to use every bit of flavor from your meat with a stock and gravy so that even on a budget youโ€™ll still be able to have some brilliant flavor on the plate.

Stay Connected to Family

Family is the most important thing in the world, and even if you have lost a few members this year due to the pandemic, you need to keep the rest of your family close this season. Make time to see your family over the festive season and have a catch up and a drink. Donโ€™t stay at home by yourself because your family is the best support network you could possibly have.

Decorate Your Home

There is no reason not to try and get into the Christmas spirit this season even if you are struggling to feel it at first. Christmas is a time for happiness and family, and it is time to get into the spirit by decorating your home to make it cosy. Put up the tree with your partner or kids and hang up some festive lights to spread Christmas cheer to those walking past your home every evening. There are so many small things you can do to make your home feel festive and it will be a brilliant way to make you feel happier.

Get Support from Professionals

If you are struggling through a tough time such as a divorce or a bereavement, it is important to contact the professional and get some support this December. For divorce issues contact a lawyer such as Miller Law Group who can help you work out an action plan for the festive period in terms of custody; and if you are suffering a bereavement consider some counselling sessions to help you come to terms with the loss and move on. Always ask for help because this is such an important thing for your mental and physical health.

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