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Things To Consider When You’re Selecting Product Packaging

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You can help your products fly off the shelves with an attractive but functional packaging design. A lot goes into packaging design: the visual design, structural design, ease of manufacturing, and perhaps most importantly, the cost. Keep reading to learn about some things to consider when you’re selecting product packaging, so you can make the best possible choice for both you and your product.

The Material

You can use a wide range of materials in your packaging design, including glass, metal, and plastic. Selecting the right type of material depends on a few different factors. You should always consider your desired price range, sales channel, safety requirements, and display. The best way to narrow your choices is to weigh the benefits and downsides of each material. Glass is great for storing perishable materials, but it’s prone to shattering. Metal is strong, but not very easy to decorate. Plastic is cheap; it’s portable, lightweight, and convenient, but doesn’t look the best.

Structural Design

Another thing to consider when you’re selecting product packaging is its durability and protectiveness. Your packaging’s structural design needs to take size, safety, durability, shelf space, and storage space into account. The aesthetic of your product is important, but so is its safety. A top-notch packaging design will protect your product in case it falls off the shelf, gets jostled during shipping, or faces extreme temperatures. You don’t want to go overboard, though. Your product’s packaging should protect it, but it should also be easy to manufacture, with a reasonable production time and cost.

Cost of the Packaging

You must think about the cost of your packaging. The amount you spend on packaging should vary depending on your industry and the price of your product. The point of offering a product is, in most cases, to make money. If you overspend on your packaging, your profit margins will decrease. Ensure you’re investing in packaging for a good reason. Before you decide on fancy, expensive packaging, ask yourself: will this help sell my product? The packaging for cosmetics and other beauty-focused products are a huge selling point, while few pay close attention to the packaging for essential items such as milk, cleaning goods, or toilet paper. If your answer to that question is “no,” you might want to go with a simple, inexpensive design instead.

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