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Hesitant to Take the Leap? Here are 5 Great Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

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All entrepreneurs have heard at one time or another, about a million reasons why they shouldn’t have gone into business. It’s very risky, the chances of landing in big debt are high, you can kiss your social life goodbye and you’re going to lose tons of sleep worrying about the business you’re running. But even with all this negativity, scores of people are still attracted to the startup world and for many good reasons. In fact, there are just as many if not more reasons to take that big step and launch your own business than there are not to. Here are a few of our favorites:

You’ll Be Your Own Boss — Free to Do What You Like in Your Spare Time

Even though it could take some months or even years, being an entrepreneur can result in you taking full control over your schedule so you are free to do what you want in your spare time. By far, the freedom of being an entrepreneur is what draws thousands of people to the startup world each year.

You Will Have a Great Story to Share

Most people are very curious about how entrepreneurs β€œmade it”. When you’re successfully running your own business, you can expect many people to ask you how you did it and how it’s all going. Surely, you will have a story or two to tell as every entrepreneur goes through so much hardship and sacrifice to get where they are today. The best part of this? The fact that you and you alone is the one person who will determine the chapters of your story. Erin Bury sums it up well by saying β€œAll entrepreneurs have a great story of how they began, no matter how humble”.

You’ll be Privy to Some Nice Tax Benefits

As a business owner, you will be able to take advantage of some attractive tax benefits. For instance, you can write off many expenses related to travel, food, car payments/rental fees, utility bills and more. And, if you’re lucky, you could even qualify for some nice incentives from good ol’ Uncle Sam himself. Carol Roth even notes that entrepreneurs can put away lots of money for retirement tax-free by simply coming up with the right type of retirement plan.

You’ll Feel Like a Million Bucks

When you work your tail off to build your own business from the ground up, the feeling you get is wonderful and frankly, it’s an unbeatable feeling that will make you giddy with delight! There’s nothing like the pride you feel when you stand back and look at the business you grew from your one single idea or dream.

No Worries About Getting Laid Off or Fired

One of the greatest benefits of entrepreneurship is the fact that you’re the captain of your own ship. You will never have to experience the unpleasant, sickening feeling of being laid off or fired because you’re the boss who’s calling all the shots. When you have this type of job security, you will feel confident as go about the task of keeping your business running smoothly without the fear that someone standing over you disapproves of the decisions you’re making.

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