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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (5/7/15)

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The team at SuccessfulStartup101 hopes everyone is having a productive week! For this installment of the best of GaryVee, we’re going to start with Gary’s article “May the Fifth Be With You”. Gary begins by saying that this week we watched as hundreds of brands jumped on the #MayTheFourthBeWityYou Star Wars meme in order to boost their social media numbers. To Gary, it make one thing clearer which is that marketers ruin everything a phrase he often uses. Gary says that as going with the trends becomes the norm, it becomes more and more difficult to bring the attention to your brand. And the Star Wars holiday that brands tried cashing in on the other day got mostly lackluster reactions because the trend just wasn’t contextual for the brands.

Gary says that instead of trying to compete with all that noise, it would be better to look at the days of the year that your brand can “own” and your brand only. Better yet, why not make up your own day? To conclude, Gary says he hopes brands and marketers are listening and will start moving in that direction.

In the video “I Love Social Media Because It Sells Stuff” Gary talks about how he always knew that his “thing” is sales. He said that he was able to transform his father’s wine business into a business worth many millions of dollars in just five years. He said that he has always been an early user of social media and gave some examples of the various social platforms he used before most people had even heard of them.

Gary says that he loves social media not because it’s cool but because it sells stuff. He explains that most businesses are making the mistake of trying to sell their goods on places where they cannot get people’s attention when they should be using social media as that’s where people’s attention is these days.

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