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The Secret Behind Optimum Conversions with Your Landing Page

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searching  A great marketing plan utilizes all the important traffic directing elements. Even if you have implemented paid ads, featured SEO content, and established a strong social media presence, you may not be seeing the conversion that you desire. Traffic to your site is likely strong, however, the actual numbers you are experiencing are not increasing. Now is not the time to give up. Instead you need to evaluate the strength of your landing page. Believe it or not, this can make or break your entire marketing campaign.

Just because someone is clicking the ad you have strategically placed, if they are not landing on an appealing page, their attention will be quickly diverted elsewhere. Therefore it is time to create a landing page that will turn traffic into conversions. Creating a superior landing page takes work, however well worth the investment of time and effort.

Create an ABC Call to Action

What is ABC? This is a marketing slogan used in all types of sales: Always Be Closing. This should be the goal of your landing page. Your call to action needs to prompt visitors to act. For example: Act Now, Sign Up, Watch This, etc. Keep in mind that you should only have ONE call to action on your landing page. This will be what you want them to do that will further encourage them to purchase, inquire, or come back. Having multiple calls to action will only be distracting and dilute the effectiveness of your main objective.

Design Strategy and Implementation

The fact is that the way you set your page up will impact a visitors conversion chances as well. Choose appealing colors, sizes and placements that will encourage not demand. Additionally, when you are designing your landing page you should follow these guidelines:

  • Your call to action needs to be the attention grabber on the page. Visitors should not have to guess what they should do next.
  • Include visual helpers. This can be arrows, or other noticeable graphics.
  • If your content is long, you should include the call to action in various locations on the landing page.

Provide an Incentive

You can provide incentives for your visitor’s action on the call to action. This can be in the form of coupons or discounts, free products, free trial, informative whitepaper, or any other gift of β€œfree” item that would be appealing to your specific visitor. You need to ensure that the offer is β€œtoo good to refuse.” This will provide a higher number of conversions, thus making your call to action more effective.

You should also place a deadline on the offer. This will provide that sense of urgency that will spur a visitor to act now or miss out. This is highly effective, especially when it is a more than generous incentive.

The Simpler the Better

Do not give your visitors too many choices. When you have only one or two choices, chances are you will also have more conversions. Your landing page should emphasize what action you want a visitor to take. Avoid including information that can be added elsewhere on the site. For example, providing company history, feedback, or even navigation bars on the landing page can be distracting and eliminate the prominence of your call to action.

Your landing page is your chance to convert your visitors. You need to grab, and keep their attention so that they are spurred to act how you desire. Using the tips here you will find that your conversion rate is substantially improved.

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