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Whether you work in a small team in an office or based remotely, chances are you’re all sharing a network that allows you to share documents and provides you with a secure mode for sending emails and hopping online.

But the traditional network is dying and being replaced with something altogether more flexible and technology reliant: the cloud. Cloud working makes remote working all the more easy, it allows you the freedom to be away from your office, away from your network and it saves you money. How?

Here are 3 reasons why you need to switch to the cloud.


More and more of us prefer to work remotely and there are plenty of studies out there that show how remote workers are more motivated and more productive when their work/life balance is respected. You might be a startup offering marketing services or a company that does professional labeling (click here for more info if you’re in need of something like this), but whatever you offer, your staff are at the heart of what you do.


The chance to organize your domestic arrangements around your working hours is a massive advantage for many working parents. Concentrating on getting as much done in your core hours focuses the mind and drives up productivity.

It also gives you the option of working from home or from a cafe. The great thing about cloud computing is that, providing your network is secure, your sensitive documents are every bit as safe as if you were on the network. Shared files off site means everyone has access to them wherever they are in the world, which allows for easy collaboration, even when you’re not in the same room.

Money Savingcloud-computing-2001090_960_720-373x210

How much is your business spending on office space? How much on lighting and heating, not to mention office furniture, printers and so on. It’s a bold move but turning your workforce into a remote team doesn’t mean you won’t see each other. Hiring co-working meetings rooms is still a good way of catching up, along with video conferencing and so on.

Saving money and turning your network over to cloud-based working might feel risky but in the long-run it might just pay off.

It’s Secure

You’ll pay monthly or annually for cloud-based services, which helps protect your safety and security. What this means is that you’ll always be a phone call away from customer service teams that care about your data and will work diligently to keep it safe.

The risk of viruses is low, as is the risk of malicious hacks, provided your staff stick to secure outside networks when they log on.

You’re a forward thinking business and it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and show your staff and your customers that you’re ready for the future.

Take a chance and look into what the cloud can do for you and what it can do to give your staff a better work/life balance. Let go of the traditional approach to office based work and take your business into the 21st century and beyond.

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