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How to Avoid Business Disaster During Stressful Times

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Every business owner wants a steady stream of customers coming through the door and using their website. However, there is also the risk of being too busy and hurting your small business, which is why you need to get the balance just right to avoid disaster. If your business is thriving, there is a risk that you may become overwhelmed, so here are a few ideas to help you avoid business disasters during stressful times.

Keep Ahead of Demand

Keeping ahead of demand is one of the easiest ways to avoid business disasters. There are certain times of the year when you will serve more customers and clients, so you can take steps to be ready for this.

If you have any admin, take care of this during slow periods for your business. You can also use software to analyze the busiest time of the day and get everything else done before this. Finally, carrying more stock than you need should ensure you do not sell out of your most popular products and hopefully avoid delays when replenishing your stock.

Avoid Skeleton Crews

Most businesses will need to work with reduced staff at some point during the year. Typically, this is between Christmas and New Year as well as the summer when people take their vacations.

Fewer bodies in the office or store means more work for everyone, but you can consider what Jonathan Sears SC has to say on avoiding staffing issues to keep things moving. Your employees will want to be well-compensated for coming in when not scheduled, and you should also offer excellent benefits to attract new (or temporary) employees to cover absences.

Make the Most of Technology

Previous generations needed to simply suck it up when they were stressed, but modern technology has made it easy for business owners to reduce stress and avoid being too overwhelmed.

There are many tech tools to reduce business stress that you can explore. You can also consider automation and chatbots which can reduce customer service and marketing efforts, and allows you to focus on the stress immediately in front of you. While you shouldn’t rely entirely on technology, it can reduce your workload dramatically and keep you from becoming consumed.

Allow Yourself Time to Decompress

Many entrepreneurs will fall victim to working from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to sleep. This makes them feel like they are doing everything possible, but it is a double-edged sword that can lead to burnout and compound stress.

You must give yourself time to decompress at the end of each day. Take an hour before bed to practice relaxation techniques and ease yourself towards sleep. You may still have things to worry about, but they can wait until tomorrow. You deserve this time to yourself to recharge.


Busy times are always stressful, but if you take steps and plan for these times, you can ride out the wave and come out the other side feeling like you can conquer anything. These tips help reduce stress and keep your business moving forward without the risk of upsetting clients, customers, and employees.

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