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How to Furnish Your Rental Space for Your New Tenants

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Every responsible landlord likes to make their rental property attractive yet practical. The furnishings you choose can even influence how much rent you can charge. It’s an important factor if you’re hoping to turn your rental space into an income you can earn while staying at home.

However, there are a few rules to follow when preparing a property for new tenants.

Minimalist Design

Creating a spacious interior is an essential strategy. Whatever size your rental space happens to be, aim to make it appear as large as possible. An effective design is minimalism.

Concentrate on finding items of high-quality furniture that’s simple in style for a sleek, streamlined appearance. Avoid ornately carved furniture as it can overpower a room. Sofas and chairs with metal or wooden frames and minimal upholstery look uncluttered, but comfortable.

A dining table with drop down leaves is versatile and space-saving. It can fit neatly against a wall and only be extended when necessary. Occasional tables that fold or stack help create an uncluttered appearance.

Useful Storage

Your new tenants will need useful storage units. In the living room, choose a low cupboard that can be used as an additional table. Space-saving apartment bookshelves can be free-standing or fixed to the wall.

In the bedroom, a combination wardrobe is a versatile choice. It usually includes shelving, drawers and a closed cupboard. Some versions even have a full-length mirror on the inside of the cupboard door. An ottoman provides a large space for storing bulky items, and it can also be used as a seat. Under bed storage containers are practical and keep personal items out of the way.

If the room is particularly compact, install a free-standing clothes rail.

Ecological Lighting

Enhance your rental space with LED illumination. Light Emitting Diodes are an ecological choice as they use a small quantity of electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They’ll save energy and cost much less to run, yet they provide bright illumination. LED lighting is available in a range of colors.

When lighting includes Smart controls or regular dimmer switches, it can add atmospheric lighting effects that help make your rental space even more attractive. Include a reading lamp that fits on a table or stands on the floor.


It’s the accessories that add a warm, welcoming touch to a rental space. In general, a neutral color scheme works best for walls and floors as it creates an illusion of space. It’s also timeless and should have a broad appeal.

Reserve bold colors or patterns for accessories such as cushions, throws and rugs. They cost less to replace when updating the image of your rental space. Your new tenants might not have the same appreciation of art as yourself. Choose an abstract painting to complement the color of the accessories.


Furnishing a rental space should rely on practical pieces that are suitable for any tenant. Invest in good quality furniture that can withstand plenty of use. Choose minimalist, classic styles that won’t quickly become outdated. Include useful storage, economical LED lighting and colorful accessories that should make your rental space look cozy and welcoming.

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