How to Choose a Great Domain Name for a Business

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Choosing a domain name may be one of the most important factors in determining whether your company achieves its goals. Why? Because multiple studies have shown that a name that is catchy, intriguing, memorable and easy to remember has a much better chance of being visited. So what’s the key to selecting a great domain name?

First, you have to choose a name that is easy for users to type without making any mistakes. So instead of choosing the domain name “” for a boxing site, you would want to choose “” instead, because the former name will create too much confusion.  In other words, don’t try and get too cute with alternate spellings of popular words, just keep it basic.

Second, choose a name that conveys the essence of your company, but that is also one that can create branding opportunities o social media. For example, “Buzzfeed” is a tremendous domain name. Why? Because it conveys its purpose: offering “buzzy” pop culture content that “feeds” the consumers’ appetite. Another example is “,” which provides sports content to a fan base that…you guessed it…grew up watching sports from the bleachers, i.e., the cheap seats, and loves sports from an intensely personal fan point of view.

Third, use a domain name generator, or if necessary, purchase a domain name that is already taken that perfectly fits your company. Domain name generators allow you to enter keywords and phrases directly applicable to your business, and create multiple domain names for your consideration. But if you find a domain name that is absolutely perfect but is already taken (without a site being created) you may be able to buy that domain name from the owner, or from a company such as GoDaddy.

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