3 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Relevant

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It may seem as if business cards have gone the way of the T-Rex in the digital age where everything is done on some type of mobile or digital device, but pump the brakes just a little and don’t toss those cards into the recycle bin.


I’ll give you three reasons: business cards are personal, create an immediate branding opportunity and are a valuable selling tool when you’re at an off-site event.

So, why are business cards personal?

Because you have to actually meet someone in person to hand them a card, and that means you are face-to-face and able to make your company feel like a flesh-and-blood organization, and not some faceless entity that solely exists in the digital marketplace.

Plus, when you hand someone a business card – and this only works if your card is well-designed, attractive and unique – you create an instant branding opportunity, because chances are, that’s the first time that person has engaged in any way with your company. But that only works if the design of your card is memorable and conveys the essence of your business. That’s why I think it’s important to include your picture, your company logo or even a catchphrase on the card if applicable, because it creates an instant visual and contextual association for the person receiving the card.

Here’s another thing about business cards: they’re really useful at conventions, summits and conferences. Yes, you can exchange emails and so forth at these events, but that goes back to the impersonal nature of the digital marketplace that I just wrote about. Handing off a business card at an off-site event is a great conversation-starter and gives the recipient something physical to remember you buy…AND it also conveys professionalism and preparation, two cornerstones of a successful business.

Business cards are still relevant in the digital age, and what’s more, they keep working for you long after people have shut off their mobile devices, because they are not dependent on power or Wi-Fi connectivity. That means the person you hand your card to can turn around and share that card with someone else, which can create a chain of marketing that can lead to good – and profitable – places for your company.

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