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How to Properly Pack and Prepare Clothing for Shipping: What You Need to Know

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It’s hardly surprising that clothing is one of the most commonly shipped items, as numerous retailers are specialising in clothes, and thousands – even millions – of consumers now buy all kinds of clothes online. If you are an online retailer and you are also in the business of selling articles of clothing, then you know very well that the way you pack and prepare clothing for shipping matters. The excellent news about packing and preparing clothing is that it takes just a few minutes to know what you are doing. But how can you do it right?

Here’s what you need to know about properly packing and preparing clothing for shipping.

Choose Your Packaging Materials

Many clothing items destined for shipping don’t need complex packaging materials, so you can use materials such as a plastic envelope (this item is referred to as a poly mailer). These envelopes are a practical and inexpensive choice for many online retailers because all you have to do is slide the clothes inside the envelope and fasten them. Of course, if you are shipping items of clothing you have sold online, you must fold them properly so your customers will have a good impression of your business.

If you want your items to be extra secure (and give your customers an even better impression of your brand), you can use sturdy and attractive mailing boxes, such as those from www.ukplc.co.uk, where you can place the item within its envelope, put it in the mailing box, and then ship it. Incidentally, mailing boxes come in varying sizes, and you can go for other premium packaging materials from the same supplier, such as cushioning products, tapes, and more.

Packing and Preparing Clothes

  1. You need to have ample space so you can fold your items of clothing properly. Avoid rolling up your items as they may look crumpled once the recipient opens your parcel. It’s always best to fold the clothes neatly. There are guides for particular pieces of clothing, so you can check those out if you aren’t sure.
  2. When you have folded the item, use bubble wrap as extra protection, so the clothes don’t get any water damage whilst in transit. If you can, use additional padding around your clothing item to protect it further. Packaging paper and bubble wrap are very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about incurring extra costs when you ship the item.
  3. You can now insert the item into your chosen container, whether it’s a mailing box or another container. One tip is to attach the labels before putting the clothing inside the container so it’s already secure. A label may fall off in transit if you don’t attach it securely.
  4. Afterwards, secure the container or box with tape on the edges, and don’t be hesitant to use as much tape as you can. This will prevent the box from getting torn or ripped, particularly at a busy depot.

When shipping off your clothing parcel, you have the option to either leave it at a drop-off centre or have the package picked up by the delivery or courier service. You may also want to consider insurance for the item, particularly if it is expensive.

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