5 Ways Business Can Use Social Media During a Pandemic

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that most businesses have had to shift their business practices in some fashion to align with the effects of COVID-19. One important thing for business owners to do is examine how they can keep individuals engaged in their content, which is when we must examine social media as an essential marketing avenue. Right now, people are using social media more than ever. Their time online has rapidly increased, meaning that sites such as Facebook are the perfect avenues for growing visibility. Here we explore a few different ways your business can use social media during a pandemic.

Show Empathy

The most important thing you can do is show empathy toward your audience. Remind people that there are people behind your brand and that they care. Remember that your customers are struggling as much as you are, so displaying empathy and gratitude will keep them following you and may even make them lifetime customers.

Stream More

The reason people are spending so much more time on social media is because they want to be entertained, and you can be that source of entertainment for them. Lighthearted streams are a good way to keep people’s minds off stressful events for a while, so consider what different creative avenues you can take with these. Visual content in general is attractive to users, so share some memes and other pictures as well.

Find Your Audience

Your social media presence isn’t going to be effective if the right people aren’t seeing your content. Luckily, Facebook has one of the strongest tools for marketing to the right audience. If you know the details of the demographic you want to speak to, make sure that you’re giving social media sites the information and data they need to find those people.

Be a Resource

Be reliable—it’s one surefire way your business can utilize social media during a pandemic. Give users a reason to come to you by offering articles and useful advice on different ways to get through this time. Being a resource is important, but you’ll also want to be certain that you’re only sharing information that’s accurate and keeping things tasteful.

Advertise, Don’t Boost

If you’re paying for advertisements, you’ll know that Facebook offers two different paid options. You can have actual advertisements or choose to boost your posts. Boosting your posts means that more people will see them than if you just post it organically, but it doesn’t allow you to use Facebook Ads Manager, which allows far more customization features.

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