How to Make Money From Home Today

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With the current restrictions on which businesses can be open and functioning during the shelter in place orders in effect throughout most of the country, many people are finding themselves out of work, with reduced hours, or generally struggling to make ends meet. Many families are having to find new ways to make money. Check out this guide on how to make money from home.

Start an online store

If you’re good at crafting or are willing to learn a new craft skill, there are tons of products people need and want to buy online that you can provide. Using the help of selling websites such as Etsy and Fiverr, you can make extra income for your family just by crafting and then marketing your skills. Some products that are in high demand right now are masks and DIY hand sanitizers. You might also start a candle making business, knit clothing and blankets, or even come up with something entirely original that you enjoy making. This can bring in a good amount of money, all while working you’re from home.

Tutor students online

With all schools and universities moving to online and distance-learning for the remainder of the school year, more students than ever need help with their schoolwork. It’s normal for students to feel a bit overwhelmed by the new distance-learning courses they need to complete, and many feel as though they’re having to teach themselves the course material. Put out your advertisements online and on social media to let students and parents know what school subjects you’re able to help out with. This is a good way to help kids who are going through a hard time while also making a little extra money to help you make ends meet.

Apply for remote jobs

While the job market is not the best right now, some industries are still hiring for remote positions. Sales is always a good option as most companies are attempting to expand their sales teams rather than cut them back, as they’re doing with other departments. Use job sites and social networking to find new leads on positions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and mentors about any positions they know of that you might be a good remote fit for. This can bring in some income while you wait for your regular position to reopen or look for a job more suited to your goals.

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