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Will a Mobile App Bring More Customers to Your Business?

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When running a business, the question always on your mind is: how can we attract more customers? Of course, there are plenty of possible answers to this question, but today let’s look at the potential a mobile app can bring to a business.

A mobile app can be used for almost anything. The versatility offered means that almost any business can acquire a mobile app and use it to push their business from strength to strength. No matter the type of mobile app, these could be the benefits it brings your business:

Get Feedback


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One aspect of many mobile apps is chatbots, or Artificial Intelligence. These provide a space for customers to access help if they are struggling with using the app, or to lodge feedback for their interaction with the app and your company. Through this, you can receive unbias, real-time feedback with which to strengthen your company, and gain consumers inthe long run.


With a mobile app, you have another area in which to run promotions. In the same way you can have a ‘20% off in-store’ promotion, you can implement mobile app-only promotions, such as free shipping, or 2-4-1 bundles on all online orders. This way, customers are more likely to spend online and in-store, in order to take advantage of various different promotions. By engaging with the brand online and in-store, customers are more likely to develop brand loyalty, and keep buying for a longer period.

Reach More Customers

Mobile apps can put your company in front of consumers who may never have interacted with you otherwise. This can come in many forms, but one of the clearest to explain is consumers who may not speak the same language as you.

Mobile apps, with a little extra software, can translate into any language you want, putting your company on the global scale. Where, beforehand, a customer may have struggled to interact with you due to the language barrier, now they can use your mobile app in their language.

Social Engagement


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When developing a mobile app with companies like Base22, ensuring you spend time thinking about the social engagement of your app is essential.

Apps with in-build social engagement – i.e., the ability to send a link, or share a product – are more likely to attract new customers. Social media is the easiest way to get your company out there. There is plenty you can do as owner, but by implementing ways for your consumer base to share your company on social media, you will get free advertising.

Also, the likelihood is that your current consumers’ connections (friends, colleagues) will also be in your target market, and therefore more likely to interact with these social engagements, and start using your company too.

Mobile Apps Can Help Your Business Grow

Clearly then, mobile apps will bring in new consumers, and help your business to grow. But ensure your mobile app is easy to use and a pleasant experience for the consumer, or they may take their business elsewhere.

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