How To Increase Productivity When You Are Your Own Boss

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productivity-increase-300x225  The ability to be your own boss is appealing but not all people are ableย  successfully pull it off. Some people simply need someone else to tell them what to do if they are going to productive in any form. Then there are those who are naturally driven to succeed and will get things done whether someone is breathing down their back or not. If you have found that being your own boss is the right move for you, here are some easy ways to increase your productivity. Remember that the more you are able to complete in a given day, the more successful you are able to become.

Set Time Frames

If you were to work under someone else they would set you time frames for projects and goals. This helps to keep you on the right track so things at the company don’t fall behind. When you are your own boss things should be no different. Every project and every goal should have a solid time frame and due date. This works in the same way it would were you working for someone else. It keeps you on track and on top of things.

Try To Work Set Hours

The flexible hours are what usually drive people to strike out on their own. This doesn’t mean you can just work whenever you want, without any direction whatsoever. You should still try to work set hours, although they don’t have to be the normal hours others work. For business driven people this can help to give you some free time. While you may work more than the traditional eight hours each day there should still be a cut off point. You could, for example, work from six in the morning until noon before taking a break. You could then devote extra hours between six and ten in the evening towards your work efforts. This is ten hours each day, but the hours are done during yourย  own free time and with a set amount of hour so you don’t overwork yourself.

Use A Calendar

If you aren’t already making good use of a desk or pocket calendar, you need to be. Calendars are good for many more things than simply remembering what the days. Here are just a few things a calendar can help you with:

  • Remembering important dates, meetings, and deadlines.
  • Ensuring you don’t accidentally schedule more than one item at the same time.
  • Allowing you to find a time to pencil in some personal or vacation time.
  • Pocket calendars are good places to take notes while on the go.
  • Keep track of the hours youย  have worked versus the money you have made.

Take Notes

Write everything down! Yes, everything. Got an idea? Write it down. If you get new contact information, created an appointment, or find something you want to research, write it down. Self employed individuals should get in the habit of writing down personal commitments as well as professional ones so that the two never interfere. If you write down ideas as they come to you there is no reason you will forget and miss out on a great opportunity. The second you find out about a new marketing technique, write it down. Do you get the point? Write…everything…down!

Set Up A Home Office

Setting up a home office can help you to avoid distractions, better direct your efforts, and boost your personal productivity. A home office doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should certainly be functional. Include a computer, desk, and basic office supplies. You should also invest in an area to store your records. This could be the drawers in your desk, a bookshelf, a filing cabinet, or even just some boxes with lids. Keeping track of yourย important documents is crucial. This home office can even be a part of another room if you don’t have the extra space. A part of your bedroom or den is an ideal. Whatever area or room you choose to create your home office should be free of distraction if it is to work towards promoting productivity.

Avoid Distraction

There are so many things to distract the self employed individual. While it isn’t always possible to avoid every little distraction, you should do your best to avoid the majority of them. Avoid things like your personal social media accounts unless it is for marketing or professional networking. Don’t get sidetracked by holding prolonged conversations with people, and try to avoid personal phone calls until you ‘clock out,’ so to speak. Whatever tends to distract you, simply avoid it until your work is finished. This is the very best way to increase productivity when you are your own boss.

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