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How to Look After Your Staff at Work

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When you run a business, it’s important that you look after your staff – your staff are the heart of the business after all. The better you look after them, the more likely they are to work harder, which the end result will be higher profits. If your staff are happy, they are more likely to speak good things about your company and when it comes to employing new staff members, good people will apply due to knowing the good reputation your business has. 

Below are our top tips for looking after your staff at work. 

1.  Offer General Support for Mental Health, Outside of Work

Your staff have a life outside of work that can bring up many struggles that they may need support with. Having a system in place that can support them with their struggles can really benefit them and give them the outlook they need. You could hire an external mental health expert who they can visit or call, and ensure you have general support materials for different matters such as helping them hire a criminal defense attorney. Reach out to your staff members and see what support things they think would benefit them. You could do this as a secret survey so that they do not have to disclose themselves. 

2.  Have Realistic Targets 

Every job will include KPIs that you should aim to achieve in order to improve and put yourself up for a potential promotion. When you are setting key performance indicators for your staff members, make them as realistic as possible. Unrealistic targets happen far too often and can make the team feel unmotivated. When setting them, speak to your staff members and see what they think is realistic and isn’t. The more realistic they are, the more likely they are going to feel looked after and work hard to achieve them so that they can enjoy the reward of doing so. When setting up a company and employing people, targets should be set straight away in order to manage expectations. 

3.  Provide a Safe Place for Them to Work 

The workplace will have a big impact on how your staff feel and whether they feel looked after. The better the conditions of your workplace, the more motivated they will be to work hard and do a good job. Tips for providing a safe place for them to work would include promoting regular breaks, helping staff not to feel stressed, having a place for staff to get help when required, and plants adding color and a homely feel. 

Ensuring your staff feel looked after will quickly make a difference in your staff turnover. When staff don’t feel looked after, they will often leave in order to find a new position. What tips do you have for looking after your staff at work? Are there any tips which we haven’t included that you think should be? Is there anything that you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 


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