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How to Make Money as a Writer in 2024

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We’re so lucky that in this day in age, there are so many ways to make money with our skills. When it comes to writing, in decades gone by you’d have only really made it a full time career if you’d sold a bestselling novel or snagged yourself a fantastic spot in a popular publication as a journalist.

These days, there’s so much to do if you enjoy writing, and best of all they can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Maybe you’re looking to make a career out of your writing, or maybe it’s more of a hobby that you want to earn some extra pocket money with.

Either way, here are some ideas and examples of things you could do, and projects you could get started in to bring in some cash. 


Blogging is a way to make money with your writing online- you can write about anything you like, and it’s fun too. The key to doing well over time is to consistently create good and interesting posts that attract readers, as good traffic and engagement is what will bring in the income. This is because it attracts advertisers who are looking to reach your audience.

Successful bloggers usually earn their money through advertising, sponsored content and affiliate marketing, and advertising on your blog can come in various forms. These include display ads, sponsored posts or product placements. As your blog starts to grow, this is when companies are likely to approach you for sponsored content, where they pay you to feature their products or services in your posts.

If you want to be proactive instead of waiting, you can also sign up on sponsored post websites too, these act as middlemen and link bloggers with brands looking for promotional collaborations. You create a profile on the platforms, and brands browse through them to find suitable influencers for their campaigns.

As a blogger, choosing sponsored post opportunities that fit your niche and resonate with your audience is crucial for maintaining authenticity and credibility, it’s easy to ‘sell out’ and accept everything but it is worth being choosy if you’ve built up a loyal readership.

Another avenue for income is affiliate marketing, this is where you promote other people’s products or services and earn a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link. Integrating relevant affiliate links into your blog posts can add an extra revenue stream without direct selling so is an easy option, although the pay isn’t great unless you’re getting a lot of clicks and views. But could be a few extra pounds in the pot each month with little work needed from you.


Another way to boost your income is by creating and selling e-books, especially on platforms like Amazon. By writing an e-book you can use your writing skills and share your knowledge or unique content in a valuable product. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) makes it easy to self-publish, where you can set your own prices, keep a good share of sales and reach a wide audience.

While you will automatically reach potential customers, it’s worth leveraging social media and using online communities to help in promoting your e-book and expanding your reach too. Setting a reasonable price can make your e-book more appealing, and promotions or discounts over the course of time can boost sales. Keep an eye your on reader feedback to improve your future works and maintain a positive relationship with your audience. Also, having an attractive cover is essential to grab people’s interest in your e-book. You can click here to build your e-book cover, as platforms like these provide the tools you need for it.

Freelance Writing Sites

Freelance writing is another option for writers like you to earn extra income by taking on various writing projects for clients. Freelancing is great as you can take on as much or little work as you want, it’s a good way to bridge the gap if you’re having a quiet month with other projects or just want to give your income a boost. To get started, many writers sign up on freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. These platforms are marketplaces where you can create a profile, show what your skills are and then bid on projects posted by clients. You could be writing articles and blog posts or doing jobs like marketing copy or editing content and so much more, you can find a range of opportunities on these sites.

By seeking out and bidding on projects that work with your expertise and interests, you can increase your chances of landing assignments. Once you secure a project, make sure to deliver high quality work (and on time) so that you can build up a positive reputation and attract more clients in the future.

Freelance writing on these platforms is great as they allow you to set your rates, negotiate terms and choose projects that fit your schedule. As you start to take on more projects, it’s worth refining your skills based on client feedback and staying adaptable to different writing styles and requirements. This versatility not only broadens your appeal to potential clients but also enhances your overall writing proficiency.

Tutoring and Education

Tutoring in general is a great way to monetize a skill you have, and tutoring in writing can be a fulfilling opportunity to help others. This could be helping those learning English, or helping children and teens pass their exams.  You can also enhance your income by crafting and selling teaching resources like lesson plans and writing materials.

Keep growing your set of teaching resources to stay successful in the writing education field. Take part in discussions with the writing education community to learn and adapt your materials. By consistently providing valuable resources, you not only help educators and students but also ensure a steady income from selling your writing-focused teaching materials.

Tutoring is flexible, letting you adapt to individual clients needs by offering them various personalized exercises, constructive essay feedback, and guidance on things like grammar and composition.

Writing skills are in demand across education and professions, creating a steady market for tutors. By putting yourself out there as a skilled writing tutor, you can keep a consistent flow of customers. Writers also utilize creating online courses to share knowledge and make money, or even sell teaching resources. It could be anything from storytelling, effective writing techniques or any specialized skill- they can become a steady source of income for course creators. 

Grants and Competitions

You might not have initially considered this to be a source of income, but as a writer, there are lots of fantastic opportunities to enter writing contests and apply for grants. Many organizations run contests for different types of writing, like short stories or poetry, offering prizes or recognition. Participating in these opportunities can help you to showcase your skills and potentially earn you money, as well as get your name out there as a writer.

If you plan on becoming a novelist or top blogger for example, this is something that could hugely benefit you going forward. It’s a way for both experienced and new writers to explore and grow in your craft while aiming for personal and financial rewards. Look into local and international writing contests and grants too- check out writing organisations, literary foundations, and government programs that offer such opportunities. Taking part in these can help you showcase your skills, make connections, and even receive recognition and financial support for your writing. 

As a writer, your skills will always be valuable to find ways to put them to good use if you’re looking to make some extra money.

Which of these appeals to you most? Do you already make money with any of these methods?

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