How To Write Effective Copy

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copywriting-300x186  Albeit the fact that writing is an art, saying that you cannot write a copy is a statement most professionals are not willing to buy. This is because as long as you can put words together and make sense, you are in a position to write copy. However, there are important aspects of copy writing that will assist you in writing a copy that is effective. Look at it this way, you have been writing for a better part of your life – shopping lists, poems, compositions, songs, greeting cards, emails, and letters – but now a blank screen sends you into anxiety and insecurity. Well, here is how to handle copywriting (and be good at it).

1. Focus On One Person

While it is true that you are writing for a large audience, you should speak to one individual. The content you write will have a better impact when you speak to one person because they will feel as though you are having a conversation with them only. You will need to know the consumer you are speaking to so as to adjust your language to suit him/her. Focus on their needs and what they might be interested in and you will have an effective copy.

2. Do Not Dwell On features, Concentrate On benefits

Most business owners are tempted to list the technical features that their products possess. Do not be a victim. Instead of telling your audience about what your product has, focus on telling them all about the benefits of purchasing the product. This way you will not be advertising the product; you will be giving them a solution to their problems and telling them how their lives will be changed by the product or the service you are marketing. They will be more interested in what you have to say.

3. Reduce The Friction In Your Copy

You have written your copy and now you need to create the call to action. It is normal to fear this part because it always appears as a bother, but you have to go ahead and include it. It is common that most people will be reluctant to provide their emails for fear of spamming or give out their hard earned cash for a product or service they are not sure of. The best way to beat this is to use different words in your call to action. Instead of using ‘submit your email’ use ‘sign up for free’ when asking for money, add a statement such as ’30 days money back guaranteed’. These statements will easily reduce the reluctant nature and get you more customers.

4. Grab And Keep The Audience’s Attention

When consumers come across your copy, especially on the website, they are always willing to get an excuse to leave the website. Do not give them that excuse. The only way you can do this is through providing attention attracters such as catchy headlines and interesting sub-headings. Try your best to get the audience off guard, surprise them with the headline that is bold and almost appears unbelievable and this will make them want to read more of what you have written.

5. Get The Audience Curious

All the points above are geared towards provoking curiosity and this is what will have the target audience go through your copy and most probably obey the call to action. Provoking curiosity should be an all rounded affair. Have a headline that makes them want to read the second headline which in turn should make them want to read the first paragraph. Make the content interesting that the reader would not want to stop reading even if they need to.

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