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Why It’s Important to Have a Healthy Office Environment

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When you hear the phrase ‘healthy’ office environment, several ideas probably come to mind. From green facilities and having fresh fruit in the office to clean air and maintaining healthy relationships among co-workers, all of these thing are critically important to the health and well-being of your employees. After all, we spend most of our time at work, so it should be some place where people feel happy.  It should also be a healthy environment where your employees can work, thrive, and to be their best.

Unfortunately, many jobs come with stress, sedentary behavior, and unhealthy habits, which can take their toll on your health both physically and mentally. Hence, no matter where you work, it’s essential to do what you can to control whatever it is that you can to make sure you are in the healthiest environment you can be.

Make Sure the Office Is Clean

A healthy office means a clean office, you need to be in a place free from dust and dirt as most offices can get very stuffy and when they’re dirty too, you don’t know what you’re breathing in. Many people think that chemical exposure is only from the air we breathe outside or the water we drink. However, it can be from the indoor environment as well. Everywhere that people live, work and play are subject to chemical exposure, and therefore, necessary to continually assess and study.

Get Active

While it can be challenging to do when you have a job where you have to sit at a desk for eight hours, this lifestyle is unhealthy, and so if you want to be your best, it’s essential to make an effort to walk around or to stand up for at least two hours a day. Not only is this good for you physically, but studies show that it can increase productivity and focus too. Two hours is a big chunk of your day, so if you can’t manage walking-meetings or breaks to try and achieve this, then perhaps you should look into getting a standing desk?

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

When it’s time to eat at work, it’s really important that you don’t eat at your desk. If your workplace doesn’t have a kitchen or dining area where you can go for your lunch, then try to get out and go somewhere out of the office completely. It’s important to get away from your desk and have a break, you need to reset your brain for the rest of the day so that you can be more productive, plus it’s unhygienic to eat at your desk too, and a messy workstation is not good for your work performance.

Paint the Walls Green

This might sound a bit crazy, but studies have shown that shades of green have been linked to enhanced creative thinking. Choose a shade that’s quiet and calming, and if painting the walls isn’t an option. Adding green elements to your desk could be helpful, but whatever you do avoid red, it’s been shown to negatively affect analytical performance.

Get Plenty of Light

Natural lighting is known to have a direct impact on productivity in the workplace. If your office isn’t in a place where you can get any more natural light than you already have, then you could try rearranging your office so that nothing is blocking any light that you do have. To make sure you get the best out of the lighting, try using smart energy lighting (if this isn’t up to you, then tell your boss) as this can create a better working environment for you, and it can help the global environment too.

Try Open Plan

Again, if this isn’t up to you, then instigate talks and votes and let your boss or whoever is in charge of this, why having an open-plan office is so effective. High walls and cubicles promote isolation and often lead to an unhappy workforce, whereas an open-plan office promotes more open communication and collaboration. If your boss isn’t keen, then let them know that an open plan office also leads to more productivity, better friendships, and a generally happier workforce.

Introduce Plant Life

Plantlife inside can help filter the air as they absorb CO2. This is all as well as looking beautiful. Indoor plants have a calming effect and are known for reducing stress levels and boosting your mood — which makes them perfect for a happy and healthy workplace.

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