Technology Can Improve Your Business – Here’s How

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Technology has changed the landscape of almost every business around the globe. From changing how people can pay to revolutionize shipping and fulfillment. So, no matter what industry you are in right now, here are some of the ways that technology can improve your business.

Customer Service

How you treat your customers can make or break your business. If you aren’t on the pulse when it comes to speed and solutions, then you are going to find those negative reviews piling up pretty quickly. There are a number of ways that customer service can be improved by technology:

  • Face to face video conversations are possible and increasingly used
  • BOTS and AI taking the first few questions then passing on the customer to the relevant team
  • Self-service systems in place via phone and online to increase the speed in which issues are dealt with
  • Social Media is the first point of contact for many
  • Real-time messaging is becoming more prevalent

New Hires

When you are hiring new people, the onboarding process can be time-consuming and costly. When you implement the IT solution your business needs, you will see an increased speed in onboarding. With a standardized program and security, you can be sure that your new staff is getting exactly what they need in order to hit the ground running. Costing fewer man-hours and less money.


If you run a small business from home, and you are often commissioning work, then you will love the flexibility that technology has given you. You can hire someone based on their online portfolio, you can send them the materials via the cloud, they can edit documents in real-time, and when the job is done – you can pay them immediately online.

And the same flexibility works for large corporations too.

Having staff that is on a more flexible schedule means that there are fewer office costs, less commuting costs for staff, and working from home has been shown to increase productivity too.


On that last note, technology allows individuals and businesses to speed up their production. You can see how your staff are spending their time, or use things like Asana, Trello, or to delegate work, check progress, and collaborate in a more agile manner. Even email management processes can help you to tackle your inbox with ease.


While you should always be vigilant with your record-keeping, modern tech has given companies tools to keep records safer. This can be done by implementing IT systems that are only accessible by select people – and internally only. Extra layers of security can be added with password encryption too.


The landscape of marketing has changed and is changing even now. Businesses large and small all have access to amazing tools (some of which are free) that can automate and boost their marketing efforts.

Of course, there is usually a team or a marketing wizard in the background too – but the technology to create a year-long automated drip-feed is something magical.

There are, of course, many other ways that technology has changed the shape of business, but here are just a few.

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