Industries That Utilize Gearboxes

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Gearboxes have numerous functions, and because of those numerous functions, gearboxes are found in a variety of industries. Across various industries, you may find these gearboxes on conveyor belts, on different equipment or machines, and more. For a quick list of industries that utilize gearboxes, continue reading the material provided below.

Cement Industry

Overall, the cement industry uses gearboxes to create higher and faster torque to process cement. The situation itself will determine what type of gearbox is used to process the cement, but in most cases, the gearbox is either a bevel or helical model. Both options increase speed and torque. The overall goal of using gearboxes in this industry is to maximize torque.

Sugar Industry

Industrial machinery is a staple element of the sugar industry. Without it, success would not be possible. Numerous gearboxes and varieties of gearboxes are used throughout the different industrial machines in the sugar industry. The specific task and equipment used will determine which gearbox is needed.

Steel Industry

Just like the cement and sugary industries, the steel industry uses numerous different industrial machines. Because of this, the industry itself relies heavily on gearboxes. The specific gearboxes that are used not only have to be strong and durable, but they also must be able to handle extremely high temperatures.

Paper Industry

Gearboxes essentially run the machines in facilities that make paper. A range of gearboxes are used throughout the process of making paper, including ones made of cast iron, steel, and aluminum. As in the industries mentions above, the specific job at hand will determine which gearbox needs to be used.

All gearboxes follow the same fundamental law of gearing that allows them to do the same job throughout numerous industries, even though they are made of different materials. These three industries are quite different, yet they use numerous different types of gearboxes in the same way. While these are not the only industries that utilize this mechanical component, they do give you a solid foundation of some industries that utilize gearboxes.

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