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Achieve More in the New Year with This Simple Mindset Shift

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If you’ve been feeling stuck financially, you’re not alone—with the pandemic continuing to wreak havoc on countless individuals and businesses, money related stress the norm these days. You might be feeling like all you need is more—more money, more opportunities, more financial knowledge—in order to defeat the barriers to your financial success.

But what if what you need is something that can be cultivated for free, in your own mind? If you’ve been harboring a negative outlook on your financial situation, you could be dealing with the effects of what psychologist Carol Dweck calls a fixed mindset.

Those with a fixed mindset believe their skills and talents are set in stone, and that the ability to achieve more is out of reach. Challenges appear insurmountable when viewed from the lens of a fixed mindset, because you don’t believe it’s possible to develop new skills that will help you overcome new obstacles. This mindset keeps you stuck and severely limits your chance at financial success.

On the other hand, the opposite of this is a growth mindset: recognizing that your talents and abilities aren’t limited by what you were born with, and that you have just as much potential and opportunity as anyone else to achieve your highest goals.

If you’ve been feeling blocked from levelling up your finances, Credit Repair created a helpful guide that outlines each tenant of a growth mindset and offers examples of how to start practicing it in your own life. Your dreams of success aren’t out of reach—sometimes you just have to get out of your own way by changing how you think. Carve a new path towards success by adopting a growth mindset and see how far it takes you!


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