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4 Ways to Reach Your Career-Related Goals This Year

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It’s the start of a new year at the time of writing, and chances are, you will be busy getting to grips with the resolutions you have set yourself for the year ahead. One of your resolutions might be career-related, perhaps with the intent to finally grab that promotion you have long been after or to move into a higher-paying career path. Will you achieve your goals? Only time will tell, but by taking actionable steps, you will increase your chances.

Here are just some of the things you might want to do to reach your career-related goals this year.

1. Take a course

If you know of any courses that will support your career goals, don’t procrastinate signing up for something. It could be a course that will move you further along your career path, such as an EdP that could advance your career in healthcare education. Or it could be a skills-based course that will improve your marketability for a range of careers you might consider. It might even be a course that your employer recommends, as your willingness to continue your learning might put you in line for the next promotion.

2. Take on more challenges

If your boss asks you to do something that that you have never tried before, don’t be afraid to say ‘yes.’ While the task you are being asked to do might appear difficult, your willingness to take it on board might improve your chances of a promotion. You will likely learn new skills when taking on a new challenge too, so this will stand you in good stead if you are looking for things to put on your resume in lieu of a career change.

3. Talk to people

People can be great resources of help and information so don’t be a wallflower. Think about the people who could help you meet your career-related goals and speak to them. So, you might speak to your boss, for example, and ask him or her for advice on what you need to do to get a promotion. You could use these tips on finding a career mentor to give you a better chance of getting where you want to be in your career. And if you’re looking for another job, don’t wait for vacancies to arise. Contact local employers within the industry you are considering and ask them if there are any jobs available.

4. Let others see the best you

Make a concerted effort to work harder in your job, as not only will you improve your chances of promotion but you might get a better reference too. Make an effort to cultivate your online presence as well, perhaps by removing anything on social media that could be an obstacle to your career chances. When others are given the opportunity to see you at your best, you will garner a better reputation. So, be diligent in all that you do, work hard at crafting your offline and online image, and benefit from the boost you might get on your career journey.

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