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Jobs That No One Wants – Even Though They Pay Well!

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When it comes to finding a new career path, the path you choose often reflects who you are as a person and what you enjoy doing. You are more inclined to be a proactive and productive employee if you are doing a job that you are passionate about. It is no secret that those who are passionate about their work are happier in life. The thing is, people often based their choices on their budget in that while they have no choice but to flip burgers or wash dishes, they take those roles as that’s what is available. When you are in need, a job is a job and often this leads into a career path that you never thought was for you.

It’s important to realize that there are a range of roles out there that often go unnoticed. For example, when you are a business owner, you imagine running a business and you imagine leading people and being the person in control. You don’t always imagine being a urine collector when it comes to hiring and firing people and doing random drug checks, and yet here you are! There are some roles out there that are believed to be less respected and less appreciated than other roles, but some of them are the most lucrative careers that you could ever have. They are unique, they are not often wanted, and yet they can bring as much satisfaction as any other role.

With this in mind, let’s go over some of the most unique roles that people don’t want, but that pay very well.

Crime Scene Cleanup Crew


Image Source: Pexels

It’s a very dirty job, but someone has to do it. With long hours confined spaces and not particularly pleasant surroundings, a crime scene cleanup crew has to go in and clean up after an accident, or death, or violent crime. It doesn’t sound appealing to many people especially those who do not have a strong stomach. Crime scene cleaning is one of the lowest wanted jobs in the world and yet it’s one of the highest paying. Not only do crime scene cleaners have to clean the area, they may also have to rip up floorboards and carpet just to be able to get the job done properly. It’s a very strenuous job, but the advantages are worth it. Crime scene cleaners can make a six-figure salary depending on their professionalism, experience, and time in the role. As it’s a job that pays well it’s definitely something people should want to consider – even though most people would never consider taking it as a career path!

Long Distance Trucking

Believe it or not not many people want to do long distance trucking. Driving a truck doesn’t require any formal degree or experience, however it does require stamina. To be able to sit in a truck for hours at a time driving up and down the country to coordinate deliveries, it takes a lot of concentration and hard work. You are away from family, you are away from friends and you take time out of life to be on the road all the time. It’s a slog and yet it’s a job that pays very well!

Oil Rigger

Oil rigs are out at sea and the time spent on them means long hours working for days and weeks at a time away from family and friends. While it doesn’t sound like a particularly appealing job, it’s not uncommon for people to turn their nose up at it. Here’s the thing though; oil rig workers are a necessity and the skills learned enable you to add more to your resume. You can earn a good income, live away from home, maintain an active lifestyle and more. It’s a role for those with no problem with travelling, that’s for sure.

Delivery Roles

The role of a courier often gets a bad rap. Courier jobs are known for being long hours and high stress and in some companies, you only get paid by the packages you deliver. Everybody needs couriers, and it’s important to remember that while you may get paid by the package, you have the opportunity to control your income. If you are only offered to be paid by the package you will then be able to control how much you get paid. For example, if you deliver 1000 packages you will get paid accordingly for 1000 packages and that will reflect how motivated you are to do your job. Couriers can often manage the same salary if not more as teachers. However, it is a high stress role and there is a high turnover in the world of couriers given the number of people who do not want to see long-term in the job.

Sewage Workers


Image Source: Pexels

There are not many children who grow up and wish they could be in the sewer tunnels cleaning them out. It’s a roll defined by “dirty money”, space and it’s one that is yet highly lucrative. It’s overlooked because of the connotations surrounding cleaning the sewer system. Did you know that Leicester Square in London was once clogged with approximately 10,000 tons of fluid and they blocked the sewage works for the city? The sewer workers had to spend days cleaning it out and they were paid handsomely for the time. It may not be a desirable job, but it’s one of the best paid with continuous contracts with maximal work in time.

Embalming Roles

Most people turn down the idea of working in a funeral home or working with the dead. One of the most lucrative careers in the arena is that of an embalmer. You will work with the deceased washing and dressing bodies, restoring their looks after injury and ensuring that they can be cared for for open casket events. This job requires a high level of discretion, sensitivity and uniqueness and experience requires that you are going to have a unique set of skills that many others will not. It’s worth considering if you want a high-paying job in a quiet role

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