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Should You Launch an Alternative Health Brand?

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While modern medicine promises to cure many of our aches and pains, it remains stubbornly limited. For the most part, it simply covers up symptoms. It doesn’t deal with the underlying causes.

The reasons for this are varied and interesting. Traditionally, medicine sought outright cures. The job of the doctor was to put the person back together again. And when dealing with injuries or infections, that was largely what physicians did. They worked with their patients to restore their health back to what it was beforehand.

The problem came when people started getting older and experiencing the diseases of aging. These are much more entrenched and don’t lend themselves to simple solutions. If somebody has diabetes, it’s not usually because they have an infection. It’s because their body’s systems are becoming old and dysfunctional.

This difference is crucial because it explains why modern medicine is failing so badly. It’s not addressing aging at all. Instead, it’s focusing almost exclusively on the products of aging and disease.

The same is true for many psychological problems and chronic pain syndrome. Modern medicine looks at the physiological level only, without considering the role of the mind.

That’s leading to a bunch of businesses getting into the alternative medicine space. It’s an exciting field because it seems to offer real solutions to the health problems patients face. It’s not trying to cover them up.

The question is whether entrepreneurs should actually launch one of these brands. Is it worthwhile?

There’s Lots of Support


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It’s wraith mentioning that there is now much more support for new brands in the alternative health space than there was in the past. For instance, CBD outfits can now hire a cannabis collection agency to collect debts on their behalf. They don’t have to go through regular mainstream channels that might not understand the industry.

There are also alternative medicine-focused SEO and marketing agencies that will provide niche advice to firms in the sector. Heck, there are even accountants and banking services that cater to brands in this sector.

You Can Make a Real Difference

Alternative health is outside the mainstream paradigm, but it can make a massive difference to people’s lives.

Why? Fundamentally, it’s because it makes a difference. Insulin injections don’t reverse diabetes, but a holistic lifestyle intervention can.

The same goes for people with heart disease and skin conditions. Only fundamental change at the lifestyle level can make a difference to these health issues.

There’s a Market for It

It’s also worth pointing out that there’s a huge market for alternative health and medicine services – especially ones that actually work. People are desperate to solve their health issues, but they need leadership and direction. They want brands that can provide them with guidance and get them on the road to well-being.

The size of the alternative health industry is going to continue to grow so long as modern medicine fails to provide answers. And given the glacial pace of progress, that could be a long time indeed.

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