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How To Make Your Craft Brew Stand Out on the Shelf

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If you own a craft brewery, you know that the little things matter. The types of hops you put in your IPA, the name you give your amber, the way you make this hazy IPA batch different from the last…the little things matter.

Little moments add up. You put a ton of time, money, effort, and attention to detail into your business. But that doesn’t mean much if your packaging doesn’t stand out on the shelves next to all the other craft beer varieties in the store. If you want all that hard work to pay off, follow some of these tips on how to make your craft brew stand out on the shelf.

Look Into What’s Trending

If you’ve been brewing for years and sticking to the same design since you started, you may want to think about a revamp. Gaining more customers means adjusting to trends. Look into popular design trends at the top of the market.

Maybe you’re not sure where to begin. Take advantage of top seller lists—see what they’re doing, improve on their style, or do the opposite. Design trends are essential for redefining your brew’s shelf stance.

Pay Attention To the Label

After you’ve looked into what’s trending, bring what you’ve learned to your label. There are quite a few tips for designing a brew label, but one of the most important factors is your use of color. If you want the label to jump out on the shelf, then a strategic use of color will make an impact. Think about your brand’s personality, your target audience, and what they would want. Here are a few other things to consider:

  • The typography (a mix of classic and vibrant is trendy!)
  • The imagery (not just a logo, but other specific details)
  • Something for the neck (if you’re using a bottle, don’t forget about a label for the neck)

Be Consistent With Your Branding

Another key way to make your craft brew stand out on the shelf is to be consistent. Say one of your brews does well on the shelves, but another doesn’t. Think about your branding for the bottles. What’s the design like for the one doing well? How could you make the other brew similar in design and branding?

Staying consistent with your brews will help people recognize your brand immediately. They can be unique but should also adhere to your main branding choices.

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