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7 Tips to Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

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There are many real estate agents out there with listings scattered around several online platforms. To ensure that yours doesn’t get lost in the sea of real estate listings, you need to figure out how to cut through the noise and stand out. And how do you achieve that easily?

While there are several ways to make your real estate listing unique, you’ll only need the following seven to grab prospects’ attention and get them crazy about your home. Here are seven tips to make your real estate listing stand out!

1.  Provide Correct Information

After posting your listing online, you may want to go through it several times. If possible, it makes sense to allow a fresh eye to audit your posting. The reason for this is to ensure that whatever you are advertising is accurate and void of errors.

The number of rooms and sizes of each room must be correctly indicated in your listing. The same goes with the type of construction, design concept or style, etc. These are basic information buyers are looking for; thus, you want to ensure that they are correctly included in your listing.

Aside from indicating the basics, you should be candid and provide correct information regarding updates done like painting, kitchen update, landscaping, floor repairs, etc. It also makes sense to provide details about the neighborhood. These details should include facts about the crime rate, possible means of transportation, nearest schools, hospital, grocery store, etc.

2.  Engage with Professionals

Many homeowners prefer to list their homes themselves. Of course, we understand why. These individuals are probably trying to avoid the expenses of hiring a real estate agent. While hiring a real estate agent can be considered an expensive way to sell a home, the benefits of seeking their services often outweigh the cost.

If you are keen on having your listing on top, you’ll want to hire a professional who knows the nitty-gritty of property listing. Along the way, you may end up spending a few thousand dollars. But in the end, that wouldn’t matter because you’ll eventually sell your home fast and at a good price.

A real estate agent is one of the professionals you need. And there are others! You’ll also need the services of a professional photographer for quality shots. A professionally photographed home attracts more potential buyers.

Don’t rely on your crude photography skills; it may end up hurting your chances of selling your home. If you want your listings to stand out, you will have to let the professionals do their jobs.

If all of this sounds too much for you, remember there’s always the option to engage with another type of professional to streamline the real estate sale process. By working with Crawford Home Buyers (or those elsewhere more relevant) you can get an accurate price for your home within a matter of days, with the ability to close a sale in as little as a week. This circumvents taking lots of photos and meticulously cleaning the house for everyday people to come and view, it also means you can have the capital to purchase another property in almost no time.

3.  Consider Home Staging

To make your real estate listing stand out, you must prioritize home staging. Home staging means preparing a home for a potential buyer.

When scrolling through several listings online, potential buyers want to see the possibilities of the space they are buying. They want to see how well their furniture would fit, if certain accessories would match the layout of the space, etc. Listing a home that consists of empty rooms may put off buyers. On the other hand, staging will encourage them to check out your listing.

There are two types of staging: traditional home staging and virtual home staging. The traditional home staging—which is quite common—involves hiring a professional interior designer to decorate and stage your home.

On the flip side, virtual home staging doesn’t require hiring an interior designer. Neither does it require you to buy or rent some furniture and decoration to style your home. Instead, it involves sending a photo of a room you want to be staged to a virtual stager or designer and leaving them to work their magic. The virtual staging method is the cheapest way to stage a home.

4.  Present an Attractive Plan

How you present your home will determine if your listing will be submerged or stand out. Consider presenting a top view layout of your home; it makes your listing unique.

Like virtual staging, some expert photographers offer floor plan services (2D or 3D). This is important if you wish to showcase the entire property to potential home buyers and offer them a virtual tour of your property.

5.  The More Photos, the Better

Investing in quality photos is a good way to make your listing stand out. In fact, the more the photos, the better your chances of selling your home. Like we mentioned earlier, it is crucial you don’t depend on your crude photography skills when taking pictures of your home. Hiring professionals can make a difference.

Do you need a top or 360 views of your home? Or do you need quality aerial photographs? Contacting a reliable commercial drone photography Company can get the job done effectively. They also offer professional editing. In the end, you would be proud of the results. And, of course, you’ll give potential buyers several reasons to consider your home.

6.  Highlight Important Features

Consider a listing as a sale’s pitch. If you cram your listing with lots of irrelevant stuff, you may end up chasing away potential buyers. You want to ensure that your listing contains important features of your home and not needless things.

Your real estate listing should contain kitchen, bathroom, closets, outdoor living space, including unique home features, unique spots where individuals can enjoy the sunset or sunrise, the swift tide ( if you live close to a water body), etc.

As a bonus, try to provide prospective buyers with some succinct descriptions of the spaces you feature. Never give them a reason to doubt by providing all the necessary details.

7.  Use the Right Keywords

Knowing the right keywords to use when posting your listings online can put you miles ahead of your competitors. The keywords you use on your listing description and title should be those potential buyers and tenants would look for. Also, they should be able to stop potential buyers dead in their tracks.

Go for feature keywords that emphasizes your listing’s closeness to amenities or keywords that trigger your prospect’s imagination. Some common keywords to consider are:

  • Air conditioning
  • Centrally located
  • City views
  • Close to the public transport
  • Close to town

Some examples of descriptive words to use are:

  • Stunning
  • Picturesque
  • Spacious
  • Brand new
  • Impeccable

Before you use any keyword, ensure you research your target audience and neighborhood to know the keyword that resonates with them best.


Your listing faces the stiff challenge of standing out among an array of listings on the internet. To ensure that it doesn’t succumb to the challenge and becomes lost in the deep, it is important you adopt the necessary measures to make it stand out.

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