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Effective Marketing Tactics for Pest Control Companies

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With nearly 28,512 pest control companies in the U.S., itโ€™s not surprising for the industry to be accelerating at a great speed. In 2019, the market size of the pest control industry was approximately 19.73 billion dollars. It is estimated to grow over 32 billion dollars by 2027.

So, whether you are a newbie or a well-established company, you need to step up your marketing game to help your business thrive in this industry. Below are a few effective marketing tactics that you can try to promote your company.

Focus on Online Promotions

Even for minor inconveniences, people seek assistance from Google and social media. So, it would be best to focus on creating a strong online presence. It will help people discover and learn about your company. You can make your online presence by creating a website, posting regularly on social media, and providing high-quality and valuable content.

In addition to this, you must also focus on branding. It generally includes creating a company’s image in the target customerโ€™s mind using logo, vision, tagline, and more. Thus, you must look for pest control signs to help distinguish your company from others.

In case you already have a logo or sign, you can consider rebranding. Upgrade your logo and other graphics to elevate your company image.

Keep the Conversation Going with Word-Of-Mouth

In addition to online search, customers often ask for referrals from their family and friends. It makes a brand more reliable and elevates the chances of building loyal customers. It would help ask your clients to refer your service to their family and friends. You can even offer them a small discount or free consultation for promotions.

Other people who can also help you with word-of-mouth are homebuilders, property managers, local businesses, and employees. Understand that the more people you connect with and offer quality service, the better will be your goodwill in the market.

Note: Online reviews are also a part of word-of-mouth marketing. So, make sure to engage with your customers and ask for their feedback.

Become an Expert

Establishing yourself as an expert in an industry is a great way to lead over the competition. You can become an expert by offering valuable information to the newsletter, radio stations, and local television. Publish information on your website and social media platforms. In fact, you can also use the platform provided by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to publish informative articles.

The information offered could be infestation prevention tips, instructions, do-it-yourself measures, and more. You can also create podcasts and cover topics related to home care and health. The more exposure your company will get as an expert, the higher your credibility will be.

To Sum It All Up

As long as bugs and infestations affect peopleโ€™s homes (which is probably forever), your business will continue to flourish. Nevertheless, it is essential to build and promote your companyโ€™s name in the industry. Fortunately, the marketing tactics mentioned above can help you stand out from the rest. So, make sure to try out these ideas!

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