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How to Make Remote Working a Permanent Option for Your Employees

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working was something ignored by business owners. While it’s been popular in many industries, and quickly becoming the norm in many Scandinavian countries and the UK, businesses have had their hands forced to keep their employees safe, and keep things up and running during what is an uncertain time.

But as things begin to ease, what has the impact of remote working been for your business? If standards have been maintained or even improved, could a permanent remote working offering be on the cards? Even companies who have struggled with remote working can fine-tune their policies to make it a more effective way of working.

Could remote working become a permanent feature of your business? Here’s how you can make it happen.

Consider Employees’ Needs

Some people have jumped at the chance to be able to work from home in the current climate, whereas others have been itching to go back to the office. Not everyone is going to feel the same about their future working patterns, which is why businesses should focus on providing a choice – especially if there is a big difference in opinion. Consult with employees before making big changes.

The most reasonable thing to do is give them the choice to design their own working patterns, helping to keep them motivated while also ensuring the time they’re at works is when they’re the most productive.

It’s possible for most businesses to make remote working a success, but you’ll need the backing of your employees to make it work.

Invest in the Right Technology

To make remote working as effective as possible, you’re going to need the right technology. It’s a great excuse to overhaul your IT, especially if the equipment you’re using isn’t suited to flexible working. Using managed IT services can help you transform your IT so that it works effectively wherever you are, and get you all set up for remote working. Cloud technology and video conferencing tools have made it even easier to work from anywhere, anytime – so isn’t it time you embraced them for your business?

Change People Policies and Try New Ways of Engagement

A radical shift in working patterns and policies is going to require a lot of work to make sure your business provides the same levels of service. It’s a good time for you to think of how you can improve the way you run your business and set some new goals for the future.

Employees will need clear direction to make sure they don’t take advantage of new policies. You’ll need to explore different methods of engagement to make sure your employees feel connected and motivated, and to continue the team-working spirit that’s got you this far. Expect issues and complications at this time, as with all significant business change, but things will settle down to make your business stronger than ever.

Remote working has proved a popular option with businesses during the pandemic, with many vowing to make it a permanent part of their business. If you’ve been on the fence until now, perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and make some important changes to the way your business works.

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