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Protecting Your Business And Employees from Preventable Injuries

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Every year, businesses lose millions on Los Angeles work injury lawyers and fatalities because they have to compensate workers who sustain such damages. Surprisingly, a large proportion of these injuries are preventable with timely action and the right approach. Having some preventive measures in place can help you save these millions, ensure safety for your employees, and build your reputation as an ideal employer. So it makes sense to be aware of such preventable injuries and implement the right measures to curb them. Here are the ones that you must be absolutely vigilant about to make your workspace a safe one.


When it comes to listing avoidable workplace injuries, overexertion wins the top spot. Essentially, overexertion refers to the impact of activities such as excessive pulling, pushing, lifting, or any type of activities that lead to excessive physical or psychological fatigue. Back pain and muscular fatigue are common forms of overexertion. You can easily avoid these by providing employees proper equipment, training them to use proper lifting techniques, and encouraging them to ask for assistance while handling heavy loads.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

As the name implies, repetitive motion injuries are the ones caused by repetitive actions such as climbing and bending. Even workers who need to stand or sit for prolonged intervals may be vulnerable. Thankfully, it is easy to prevent such issues with measures such as training people about the right posture while using the equipment. You can also schedule effectively for job rotation so that workers can trade-off duties periodically for cutting down the strain.Β As per the statistical data available from national resources, nearly 1.8 million workers are affected by repetitive motion injuries every year. Legal claims combine $17 to $20 billion per year. ForΒ more information tjryanlaw.comΒ can offer you an in-depth report of these work-related injuries. And also, how employees should proceed if they sustain such an injury.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are perhaps the leading cause of fatalities at workplaces, which makes them more serious than the others. The causes range from slipping on wet or oily floors to falling from ladders and tripping due to poor lighting or clutter. These injuries are the ones that businesses should be most worried about.Β  Workers can find exceptional injury lawyers who can help them sue your business for huge amounts for their slip and fall injuries. A clean and organized workplace solves half the problem. Encourage the use of warning signs where needed and train the employees to prioritize safety measures as they navigate the workplace.

Struck-By and Struck-Against Injuries

Another kind of mishap that workers often come across at business premises is struck-by and struck-against injuries. While struck-by injuries happen when falling or moving objects hit people, struck-against mishaps occur when people happen to fall or hit an object. Both types of accidents are preventable if people are a bit more careful. Make it a rule for employees not to leave tools at precarious places from where they may fall and hit someone. Training can make all the difference when it comes to workplace safety and prevention of struck-against mishaps. Create awareness about the importance of being extra attentive at work to ensure that your business does not have to bear the brunt of employee negligence.

Going the extra mile with workplace safety can save you thousands of dollars every year and keep your business protected from lawsuits as well. Additionally, employees are bound to feel motivated when they realize that their safety is your priority.

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