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Marketing Competition: Winning the Strategy Race

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Businesses around the world are just now, getting out of lockdown, and going back to work. What does this mean for the long-awaited emergence in terms of strategy? It will largely rest on marketing. It will involve email marketing as a low-cost widespread marketing strategy, it will also rely on branding, market positioning but also, strategic pricing to name a few. You may feel as if you should try to work with different companies and possibly even, your rivals, to make a good solid comeback. But, wait, all might not be well. You may need to go the individual route because of a few concerning reasons.

Competitive Blocking

As you may have heard, some restaurants are reporting an extremely high rise in no-shows. This is when customers book tables, but then, don’t show up and the restaurant is unable to give that table to another customer. This is not an accident. Some industry insiders are saying rival restaurants are the culprits and are booking tables under fake names and funneling customers towards their establishment by drying up the options.

You need to take on a more in-person strategy. You should market your products and services as short-term exclusive. If customers book themselves as partners or clients for your services, make sure they are forced to complete a contract or purchase within a set timeframe. This way they cannot abuse your business. You can do this naturally by only having discounts and coupons, last for a week or less. This encourages customers to buy through the fear of missing out (FOMA).

Battling a Low-Cost Rival

Marketing is so crucial with regard to competitive pricing. It’s more than likely that you will be competing against rivals that will try to undercut your products and services. So how do you battle them? You need to shift the direction of your marketing and focus on what makes you unique. The quality, design, colors, customization, brand prestige, social media following, cultural influence and possibly, celebrity backing, are all things you can use to combat them.

Focus on things such as sustainable business. Studies have shown that customers will pay more for a sustainable eco-friendly product, than for a cheap but harmfully-produced product. This is why attitudes towards Indian and Chinese products are changing.

Email Marketing

Now is the time to let everyone know you are back, up, and running. Email marketing is your best and most effective tool. However, you don’t want anything to upset this carriage, which is why is an amazing partner with regards to email marketing security. Their encryption and content filtering is cutting edge and keeps your lines of communication secure and most of all, protects against data breaches which are so critical as customer data is like gold after lockdown. Be honest and speak about the challenges you have faced but how you plan on fixing them, with better products and services for customers.

You are now in fierce competition with your rivals to see, who can make the best comeback after lockdown. Marketing is going to be very competitive and these are some ways you can come out on top.

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