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You’ve Reopened Your Business… But Where Are Your Customers?

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It’s the nightmare scenario that small business owners have been dreading. With the COVID-19 lockdown lifted and huge swathes of the economy returning slowly but surely to their normal pace, your business is ready to throw open its doors… only to find that there’s nobody waiting on the other end. If you’ve limped through the pandemic just barely able to stay operational, you’re likely banking on a huge surge of custom to propel you forward and keep you profitable in these dark and difficult times.

If your sales aren’t what you were expecting and customer engagement is lower than it was at the start of the year, it can be extremely disheartening. However, it’s likely not a reflection on your products, your services or your brand. It’s simply a matter of low consumer confidence, a climate of skepticism and paranoia, and the simple fact that your customers probably have less disposable income than they’d like. Nonetheless, they can be won back if you make the effort to build their trust. Whether you’re running a coffee shop, restaurant, consultancy or retail outlet, your customers want the same things from you. Here’s how you win back their trust and get them through your doors…

Tell Them How You’re Making Them Safe

It goes without saying that consumers are concerned about their health and safety in the current climate. Your employees probably are, too. Which is why you need to rise to the occasion by going above and beyond to protect both. Invest in rigorous new training for team members and prepare infographics to share with your customers, showing how you’re going above and beyond to protect them while they’re under your roof. While this may require some upfront expense, for which you should give this site a try, today’s investment could ensure tomorrow’s prosperity. One thing’s for sure, customers will want some reassurances before they grace you with their presence.

Remind Them Why You’re the Best at What You Do with Content Marketing

You’re active on social media, and that’s great. But it’s just one piece of the puzzle that is your digital marketing strategy. Content marketing can be invaluable in establishing what sets you apart from the competition, while also giving your website a boost in traffic and Search Engine Optimization.

Taking the time to create blog posts, infographics, videos, online seminars, white papers and other pieces of valuable, high-quality content can demonstrate the knowledge and expertise that are your USP.

Seek Out Opportunities to Collaborate with Other Brands

Finally, although you may feel shaken right now, remember that you’re far from alone. There are lots of other non-competing businesses that are in the exact same boat. Now might be the perfect time to reach out to them and suggest ideas on ways in which you can collaborate. From guest-writing for their blog to appearing on their podcast or even working together on a new co-branded product, collaboration can introduce your brand to a whole new audience. And because you’re allied with another business they already know and trust, they’ll already be predisposed to like you!

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