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Now’s the Time to Add Some Green to Your Premises

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Now is the best time to transform your business premises. Indeed, as the pandemic has forced many companies to temporarily move their business processes online, most teams are working in a home-office environment. Empty premises become a playground for improvement projects and decor upgrades.

On this note, there’s an essential question to ask. Will all businesses carry on operating with remote teams once the pandemic is over? We can expect some companies to maintain virtual offices in the long term. However not every sector can thrive remotely. Therefore, for those who prefer to operate from a physical office, here’s a brief overview of why you should consider the addition of a garden.

Structure Your Green Space Early

If you’re going to invest in a garden area, you will have a variety of choices. Artificial grass, for all its maintenance and time advantages. However, your team and customers are likely to benefit more from the presence of real plants and lawns. Therefore, it’s a good idea to reach out to a commercial landscaping company as early as possible. This will ensure that your garden is safely established when your team comes back to the office. The green space will look and feel welcoming and natural.

A Place to Relax

The typical office day can be exhausting in a post-pandemic world. You have to consider that most people are handling huge amounts of stress and pressure during the pandemic. Working from home is not as relaxing as one might expect, especially when families are self-isolating together. Working while managing children and pets at the same time is no easy task! Even those who live alone are struggling in the absence of their social circle. As a result, employees are likely to be more sensitive to stress and fatigue as they come back to the office. Managers have to be vigilant about early signs of burnout ! It might sound silly, but having a garden at work allows staff to walk away from the screen and make time to do nothing.

The New Brainstorming Spot


Technology plays a significant role in our day-to-day work life. Yet, for all its qualities, technology disconnects people from nature, one of the biggest sources of inspiration. Let us not forget that it’s Mother Nature herself who inspired Da Vinci most of his invention, including the helicopter. So walking in a garden is not just a soothing act of inner peace. It is a creative process that transports you elsewhere. Adding some greenery to your business landscape isn’t just a matter of making the premises look more appealing, it dramatically enhances creativity – and therefore profits – in the long term. For options, as well as ongoing care, hire a company that offers professional tree services from Nashville.

Nothing Says Homely Like a Garden

Last but not least, a garden is and will always be a homely sight. It is a place that is carefully maintained and looked after. One can argue that maintenance happens for the sake of aesthetics. However, the mind can’t help but associate a lush garden with a caring hand. Businesses with green gardens are thought to look after their team and customers. Therefore, they make brands appear more trustworthy.

Make your business green to make it count. A garden serves multiple purposes, offering a brainstorming spot and a break room to your team. Not only does its presence boost your curb appeal, but it also enhances the first impression potential customers and partners have of the company.

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